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Does it still technically count as a SPOILER to discuss the fact that 's will be turning up in 's upcoming ? After all, has spent much of the past five years actively teasing his arrival in said film, and its arguably the purple villain's presence — as much as the over-abundance of superheroes — that has us all over-excited to see the film. As such, pointing out that Thanos will be in the movie, and played by Josh Brolin, is surely a little bit like noting that the next James Bond movie will be about a British super-spy: If you didn't already know that, then you probably don't care.

As it turns out, though, after years of waiting patiently:

Josh Brolin Is Super Ready To Play Thanos In 'Avengers: Infinity War'

That, at least, is the most obvious interpretation of his recent Instagram post (above), simply captioned "next." In it, Brolin's face has been pushed up against the mad Titan's thickly ridged mug, presumably in order to remind us all that the roguishly handsome actor will indeed be playing the film's monstrous antagonist, and that this hasn't all been an elaborate prank put on by Brolin's and his equally roguishly handsome father, James.

Or, if it has, the duo are clearly committed enough to the bit to roughly Photoshop an image of Brolin Jr. and Thanos's faces mashed together, and then post it onto social media. The scamps.

What do you think, though? Are you excited to see Josh Brolin play Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War? Let us know below!

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