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Are you ready to go back to the future, because the latest pictures from the set of David Leitch's Deadpool 2 are preparing us for some serious Doc and Marty adventures. Expanding the world of the X-Men beyond Charles Xavier's usual crop of gifted youngsters, Fox is pushing forward with another brutal and bloody affair that hopes to follow in the footsteps of the first film.

Even though Leitch has gathered the whole gang together again, there is no denying that 's casting as Cable is all anyone is talking about at the moment. From the actor's "bulking not sulking" Instagram posts, to that big reveal of the classic Cable costume, fans can't wait to see how Nathan Summers will fit into 2018's superhero sequel. Hot off the set in Vancouver, we get a fresh look at a new wardrobe for Cable, which teases a trip through time and space for the muscular mutant.

Wardrobe Change

Given that Cable's comic book backstory is steeped in time travel, it doesn't take Xavier-level intellect to figure out that Leitch would be factoring this into Cable's first big screen outing. Captured by Just Jared, the latest pictures show a skin-tight suit for Brolin, sporting patches of metal, and some gnarly char marks. You can check the pictures out for yourself here.

So, what does it all mean? Well, if time travel is involved, there are more and more hints that could also be bringing Hope Summers to our screens and set up an even larger X-verse. As for Brolin's costume, well no, it isn't some space-age fabric, but it looks like the latest get-up could be used for CGI or motion capture. Going out on a limb, the use of CGI implies that the scene has something to do with Cable's time-traveling ability.

Other photos show Cable pushing a cart stocked with a whole arsenal of weapons, suggesting that he didn't bring any of his fancy future armory with him to the past. If he has just landed from the future, it would explain the spontaneous shopping spree that Cable is going on. Adding fuel to the fire, eagle-eyed fans also spotted a nifty piece of costume on Brolin's wrist, which some are guessing could be Cable's AI companion called Ship. Whatever is going on, the scene also contains a Mutant Response Division squad car, presumedly containing enemies about to go head-to-head with Cable. All the pieces fit together for a big Deadpool 2 action sequence.

With Brolin promised to be the stoic comedic foil to as the titular Deadpool, Leitch will undoubtedly be bringing the same amount of bloodlust and belly laughs that Tim Miller's first film did in 2016. With Brolin proving that bigger is better, hopes are high for another record-breaking installment. Most importantly though, Brolin proves that he is surely the right choice to play the apocalyptic warrior. Beating the likes of Michael Shannon and Brad Pitt, it is already hard to imagine anyone other than Brolin in the role. With the plot of Deadpool 2 still tightly under wraps, consider the hype train well and truly boarded.

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