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Pffft, Thanos who? Those attending Disney's D23 Expo seem to be so wrapped up in all the Avengers footage and statues of Thanos, it looks like they forget about a whole different universe of hype just around the corner. Sure, 49-year-old may have been there mainly to boost ticket sales for , but let's remember the other muscular menace who is about to be etched onto the actor's CV.

In the great casting race for , Brolin beat off stiff competition from the likes of Brad Pitt and Michael Shannon to nab himself the role of Nathan Summers. As the time-traveling silver fox, Brolin looks set to take the entire world by storm in two major blockbusters next year, and D23 wasn't just about the Mad Titan.

'Brow' You Doin'?

We have already seen Brolin show off a gruesome Cable training regime and a slick new haircut , but D23 gave us a hint of the classic look to come. Brolin may have been there to promote his part in the MCU, but it didn't stop him inadvertently flying the flag for Fox and the too. In his one-to-one interviews, the star can be seen sporting a large slit in his eyebrows. So, either Brolin has travelled back to the '90s and thinks he's the coolest kid school, or he is already well on the way to becoming Cable. If you notice, the eyebrow mark is perfectly in line with where Cable's infamous eye scar would be.

[Credit: Good Morning America]
[Credit: Good Morning America]

For those fearing that director David Leitch would be introducing some meta update on the character or a bold new image, it looks like we will be sticking to what we know best. With Brolin already looking like a pretty good doppelgänger for the character we have known since 1986, don't expect Leitch to be changing too much aesthetically from the comic books.

There are currently no pictures of Brolin totally embracing his Cable look, but the placement of the eyebrow shaving suggests that he is already helping makeup artists apply Cable's scarring. A few weeks back, we saw Brolin in the makeup chair to create the cybernetic half of his face, and now the rest of the transformation looks to be well underway. With this is mind, surely it is only a matter of time before we see the bulging brute in full costume.

Many have questioned how Brolin will differentiate between playing the stoic Thanos and the equally grouchy Cable, but we are sure he is the right man for the job. Also hoping to set up the upcoming movie, expect Brolin to keep the slit-eye look for quite some time to come!

Heading for a June 2018 release, there is still a hell of a wait to go before Ryan Reynolds slips on his ninja outfit once more to bring Deadpool 2 to cinemas, but promising to continue the success of the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time, a lot is certainly resting on those broad Brolin shoulders.

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