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We all know that the older you get, the harder it is to keep in shape. Those two-day hangovers and that middle-aged spread when you might add a tire (or two) to the midriff are hard to avoid — well, not if you are . In addition to playing the Mad Titan over in the , he is practicing his best potty mouth to suit up as Nathan Summers, a.k.a. , in .

For those who are shouting, "Hey, leave some roles for the rest of us," or think Brolin may not be the right guy for the job, the 49-year-old is here to put you at ease. We already saw his pretty impressive body transformation on the set of the Oldboy remake, but all that pales in comparison to jacking it for Deadpool. Expect Brolin to be in it for the long run considering his four-picture deal with Fox, and given his current workout regime, God knows what he will look like at the end!

Mr. Muscle

Taking to Instagram, the No Country for Old Men star shared his latest workout vid, effectively making him a modern-day Richard Simmons. We again see Brolin sporting that snazzy new Cable cut and flexing those arm muscles, which are both part of a vein-popping look at his "gainz" for playing Cable. It is also great to see the "RyanReynoldsismybitch" hashtag in full effect, showing that even the classically stoic Cable can bring the chuckles.

As well as again emphasizing his no sugar, no carbs, no fun (?) diet, it is clear that all the hard work is paying off. If your remember back to before Justice League went into filming, we saw J.K. Simmons pumping it at the gym, but it looks like Brolin is really stepping it up to the big leagues to beat the competition. With Deadpool 2 due to start filming any time now, Brolin is Hugh Jackmanning it to the max to get that ripped Summers body before summer hits. In real life, it just isn't as easy as slurping down some Super-Soldier serum, and those dumbbell curls/strict diet show just how serious Brolin is about doing this fan-favorite justice from page to screen.

In perhaps the best bit of the video though, he even impressed Drax the Destroyer. Brolin shared the wonderful anecdote that Guardians of the Galaxy star asked him, "What the f*ck happened to you?", presumably in a good way. Given that both Bautista and Brolin will have a starring role in the upcoming , could we see an epic arm wrestle between Drax and Thanos?

For those wanting to work out like Brolin, it doesn't look like it is quite as simple as putting down that chocolate bar and doing a few lunges at your desk. As the post says, it takes a small village of people to help out and it doesn't look like a regime for the faint-hearted. However, when you are playing an intergalactic overlord and time-traveling mutant, you really need to show the rest of the cast who's boss. So, after having your face moulded, being forced into a haircut, and completing a bitchin' workout at the gym, it definitely it isn't as easy as we think to be Hollywood superstar Josh Brolin. Sir, I tip my hat to you!

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