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After helming critically acclaimed movies like Incendies, Prisoners and Enemy, it was no surprise when Denis Villeneuve's foray into the crime-thriller genre, Sicario, also earned praise. Even though Villeneuve isn't returning to direct the sequel, Brolin is scripted to revive his role as Matt Graves – and now the actor has voiced his feelings regarding the Stefano Sollima-directed Soldado.

“You know what? That movie, honestly, I’ll just tell you really quick, when I first saw it I was like, ‘Okay, it’s a good movie and I think we need to trim some things. We need to do this, and this, and that to it.’ Everybody else had their notes and then when they saw the final cut it’s a really good movie. I’m really excited about it. I was actually surprised at how good it turned out.”

While fans of the thriller genre might be disheartened by Brolin's initial response to Soldado, he actually had a similar reaction to Sicario. However, as the movie turned out to be well-received, Brolin attributed the final result to Taylor Sheridan's writing skills.

"When I saw [Sicario], I said, 'This is a really fucking good movie.' When I finished the movie, I thought it was going to be OK. I had seen Denis’s movies. I knew he was a great director, but not everybody’s perfect and not everybody can put a good movie together no matter what their intentions are, but when I saw Sicario I didn’t know what happened. I was like, ‘I know we accomplished a good movie, but why don’t I remember this?'"

"I kind of felt the same way [with Soldado], and maybe that all stems from Taylor Sheridan’s writing and the fact that you can only fuck up his scripts to a certain extent, but it’s still going to be a good movie because maybe it does all start with the script. When you have an OK script you’re constantly manipulating it to make it sound decent, is one thing. When you have a great script and you’re just trying to do justice to it, maybe that’s something else, and I think that’s what we experienced with him."

Sicario's complex characters, gritty portrayal of crime and never-ending tension were some of the highlighting factors of the movie, and was beautifully incorporated into the script through Sheridan's writing. These aspects were then highlighted by Roger Deakins's masterful cinematography and Joe Walker's editing. Therefore, as Sheridan has returned for Soldado, fans can trust Matthew Newman (the editor for Drive, Bronson and The Neon Demon) and veteran cinematographer Dariusz Wolski (The Walk, The Martian and Dark City) to uphold and maybe even exceed the bar set by Deakins and Walker.

As Sicario dealt with the war between the U.S. Department of Justice and the cartels of Mexico, Villeneuve's decision not to shy away from the gore added to the emotional impact from those altercations. Considering how Soldado will be revisiting those scenarios on a bigger scale, Brolin hinted at what we can expect from the sequel.

"I think it’s just more severe, man. All the way around. I think the characters are more severe. I think the movie is more severe. I think it’s just much bigger. It’s just a bigger scope film. Like I said, when I saw it it was like 'Sicario' felt like a small movie to me, even though it was a very intimate movie. I’ve always said I don’t understand why bigger movies can’t be just as intimate, if not more intimate. Why do they have to be less emotional? I think 'Soldado's a perfect example of that. I think it’s extremely emotional. I think it’s extremely tense and it deals with similar subject matters."

Despite having strong contenders in the thriller genre, Denis Villeneuve's Sicario was a massive success among fans and critics, largely due to the movie's traditionalist approach of relying on tension. Although Villeneuve and Blunt will be missed in Soldado, it'll be interesting to see how Sollima fleshes out the professional relationship between Alejandro and Matt. As Soldado has wrapped shooting and is in post-production, fans can expect for a trailer to drop very soon and play it on repeat until the movie arrives on June 29, 2018.

What are your expectations from Soldado? Let me know in the comments.

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