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As DC leads into the fourth and fifth installments from the expanding universe this year, actors are appearing from left and right aiming to join the massive superhero franchise. This time, Josh Gad made his interest in the Batman villain, Penguin, known on his Twitter account. Take a look at the post below:

He later began to follow various crew members in the franchise: David Ayer, James Wan, Jon Berg and Geoff Johns, which could mean he's up to something.

[Credit: @joshgad]
[Credit: @joshgad]

An appearance of the popular villain wouldn't be a first-time thing for Warner Bros. Burgess Meredith set the tone with the first live-action, colorful portrayal, displaying a well-adapted Oswald, while Danny DeVito later pursued the role with a darker tone for Tim Burton's Batman Returns. Robin Lord Taylor soon portrayed the early days of the character, rising consistently each season to become the notorious . And since the DCEU has an older , we can assume the Penguin will also be well into his 40s, if not his mid-50s, right?

Does Josh Gad Qualify?

So, would that work for , who's in his mid-30s? With his line of work stemming from flicks like: The Wedding Ringer, Pixels and The Internship to huge features like Frozen, The Angry Birds Movie and this year's Beauty and the Beast, he'd easily be considered for the role. But would it be the right one if he's 36, and Ben Affleck is reaching his mid-40s? Well, there's tons of stellar prosthetics and makeup for that, if it'll actually be an issue for him.

Either way, Gad has shown his craft with humorous characters, and because we all know how outlandish the Penguin may appear, could he display the threatening aspect of the supervillain as well?

A Penguin Easter Egg?

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

If the wanted to add the mobster to their mix of villains, a hint of his existence in the Batman solo would surely be the best thing to do. Since Zack Snyder made it purposely clear that Riddler caused some sort of mayhem in Batman's past during Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, hopefully we'll catch another sprung across an abandoned wall somewhere. Or, possibly hear the faint whispers of his reappearance from random thugs in . Either way, seeing another, more plumped take on the Penguin would be interesting to see.

'Gotham City Sirens' Appearance

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Here's where we could see make his first appearance in the DCEU: a movie full of antiheroes and villains. The Gotham City Sirens story will be put together from Harley Quinn's, Catwoman's and Poison Ivy's points of view, which can provide a line of antagonists for them to encounter. Let's be honest: A movie centered around these three would surely grant viewers a cameo or two from famous villains, especially knowing the setting is based in Gotham City.

The way David Ayer may handle the movie could be a bit less character-indulging than Suicide Squad, and more focused — like a brief "criminal conference," for instance — taking place in the midst of the city. It'll be less strenuous on the script, as well as give more attention to the main characters involved with the story.

So, for something like a cameo, or a 10-second nod to the Penguin's existence in the universe, the handlers within the DCEU will need a steady focus. Will Penguin be a major factor for Batman in the future? If so, he'd be best to make his away in the film before taking on a bigger role in, let's say, the sequel to the solo Batman movie. Whichever way things go, I would be stoked to see another rendition of the villain, and Josh Gad is obviously ready to take up the mantel.

Would Josh Gad be a good fit as Penguin?


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