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With the title of the next Star Wars film being released amid a flurry of excited speculation, fans are losing their minds in an attempt to figure out exactly what The Last Jedi means.

One of those people is Josh Gad. An actor and Star Wars fan in his own right, Gad is currently working alongside Daisy Ridley (Rey) on Murder on the Orient Express— and he's wasted no time trying to get the inside information on we're all desperate to know.

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"I Want The Truth"

It all began when Gad innocently invited Ridley into his trailer last week "under false pretences". The video, which he posted on Instagram, shows Ridley in a bathrobe and hair net, most likely fresh from her pre-shoot makeup. Suffice to say she certainly wasn't expecting to be grilled:

Gad was pretty persistent with his interrogation, pretending to be after crucial information for a scene the pair were shooting that day whilst asking some pretty hard-hitting questions:

"Is it more than one Jedi? Is it ominous? It sounds ominous."

Of course, Ridley's lips were sealed, and neither Gad nor his Instagram followers got the answers they so desperately wanted. Better luck next time, eh?

If At First You Don't Succeed...

Of course, there was indeed a "next time". This week, Gad once again corned Ridley in a trailer whilst waiting for their tea to be delivered, and profusely apologized for making her look, as she put it, "super angry".

According to Ridley, it had been a fairly "uncomfortable" experience. Gad seemed willing to put the awkward memories behind them and focus on the script for their new film, like the professional that he is.

Psych! The script Gad presented to Ridley wasn't from Murder on the Orient Express, but another set-up to get her to spill the beans on The Last Jedi:

"Who are Rey's parents? Am I a Jedi? Is Finn paralyzed from the waist down?" These are all the questions Ridley was expected to "answer honestly". However, it's not that easy to get Star Wars spoilers out of Rey herself, and Ridley stormed out of the trailer before her tea had even arrived.

Ridley's Response?

Since she deactivated her Instagram last year, Ridley hasn't been able to post a response to Gad's never-ending quest for her Star Wars secrets. Her break from social media was prompted by a tirade of harsh comments on one of her more political posts about gun violence, though she did post an update to let her fans know that she simply "wanted less distractions":

Nevertheless, this surely isn't the last video we'll see from Gad. He'd better watch his back, though— Ridley looked like she was at the very end of her tether, and next time she may do something a lot more confrontational than simply storming out of the trailer!

Do you think Daisy Ridley is about to snap, or finally let some Last Jedi spoilers slip?

The Force Awakens [Credit: Lucasfilm]
The Force Awakens [Credit: Lucasfilm]


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