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There's a heavy amount of expectation going for the Matt Reeves-directed, Ben Affleck-starring The Batman. With the state of the project still a mystery after several push-backs and dozens of rumors regarding the troubled development process, we don't know much about what — or rather who — the Caped Crusader will be dealing with in his first solo DCEU film.

A big focus of the rumor mill has been potential rogues to face off against the Batman. For the past few months, (Beauty and the Beast, Pixels) has generated superhero-size speculation after teasing fans with pictures of the Penguin on Twitter, and then being followed by some of the top dogs in the DCEU. Those simple but important clues have led to head-scratching questions about a situation that has been — so far — difficult to decipher. Fortunately, the actor has now spoken up about the mystery.

Josh Gad Reveals The Truth Behind His Penguin Messages

MTV caught up with Gad during a red carpet event, and the actor was asked whether his Batman-centric social media posts meant anything at all. The actor stated that, in usual Internet fashion, things were blown out of proportion, and he was just "putting things out there":

“Just having some fun … Really. I promise. There’s no ‘there’ there. You know what? The internet just goes wild — I’m just having some fun. Just putting things out there.”

Here's the thing though: this isn't just another "internet reading too much into something" scenario. Despite what Gad said, he was fully aware of the kind of fan attention that such a teasing game would get. So, that begs the question...

Would He Be Open To Playing The Penguin?

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

It seems clear Gad is at least somewhat interested in the part. The actor was asked whether he had met for the project. He revealed he hasn't, but loves his work:

“I have not met Matt Reeves. No, no, no. Seems like a lovely guy. Love his work."

Here's where things start to get a bit more interesting. The interviewer asked if he would be against playing the character in . He responded:

"No, never! I would absolutely be open to playing the Penguin in 'The Batman' movie."

Though it's understandable that Gad would give a really vague answer, more information is needed if we're ever going to fill in the gaps of this mystery. An actor saying they would be open to playing a part isn't news, but thankfully, there's a little clue in his answer to the next question: was there any smoke to the fire he started?

"There’s nothing more we need to talk about. It’s all — we’ll see [...] It's all... putting it out in the ether."

His "we'll see" is what stands out. Being followed by some of the most important players in DC films is no coincidence, neither is the way in which he's been teasing fans. This certainly does make it look like there's something bigger at play. He may not be cast yet, but it's possible that behind-the-scenes discussion are already happening.

Who knows? Perhaps to know for sure what's happening between Gad and DC, we'll need another celebrity to chase him around with a camera asking for spoilers, similar to what he did with Daisy Ridley for The Last Jedi.


Would you like to see Josh Gad play the Penguin in the DCEU?

[Source: MTV]


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