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Up-and-coming actor and comedian is everywhere lately. He's set to plan Sam Kinison in Larry Charles' new biopic, his voicework can currently be heard in Disney film Frozen, and was recently in this year's jOBS as the legendary Steve Wozniak.

Josh Gad is set to head up the Gilligan's Island remake

Deadline reports his schedule is soon to become even more crowded: He's just signed on to both star in and write the live-action movie version of Gilligan’s Island for Warner Bros. He's sharing screenwriting duties with and .

While it's not 100% clear what role Gad would be playing, it's a fairly safe bet that he would be Gilligan himself, first made famous by actor Bob Denver. The original TV series was a long-running '60s classic, so it's no surprise studios have been eyeballing a remake.

Gad is also co-writing the screenplay for the Twins sequel, tentatively titled - you guessed it - Triplets.

(Source: Deadline)

What do you think? Is this inspired casting, or would you prefer someone else in the role? And do we even need this live-action adaptation? I'm leaning toward "no", but perhaps it will surprise us all.

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