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superheroes Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey Jr. have teamed up once more to remind us all what we need to do to ensure Mark Ruffalo shows us his penis.

Wait, What's This Got To Do With Mark Ruffalo's Penis?

The motivational video is a follow-up to one posted over a month ago, in which "lots and lots of famous people— just a shit-ton of famous people" delivered a warning about the importance of not voting for "a racist, abusive coward who could permanently damage the fabric of our society". Any guesses who they may have been referring to?

The video was an initiative of Joss Whedon, who roped in quite a few actors to drive the message home. To make the deal all the sweeter, Robert Downey Jr. offered up the incentive of seeing Mark Ruffalo fully nude in his next movie, which seemed to come as a surprise to The Hulk.

Save The Day
Save The Day

Not Everyone Was Keen

While the celebrities featured in the video definitely aren't shy about their political preferences, the video has of course received quite a bit of negative attention. The latest video toned down the message a little, omitting the Trump references and opting for a less biased recommendation:

Save The Day
Save The Day

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Scarlett Johansson Is Here To Help

It would appear that "full monty" Mark Ruffalo is still on the cards, though it's unclear wether he'll only be getting his gear off if Trump loses, or if people just take his advice and vote for someone— anyone. Either way, Scarlett Johansson is invested, and she's frantically covering all bases.

Save The Day
Save The Day

If you're an American who's voting today, but don't have a way to get to the polling booth, good news! Black Widow herself is offering up a ride share service, featuring her own dubious driving skills.

"I can drive. Not well, but... I can drive."

Not long after the video was released, Arnold Schwarzenegger also took to social media to state how he'll be voting this election, receiving mixed reactions from his fans.

Robert Downey Jr. seems confident in how the election will pan out:

Wrong Avengers reference, Robert.


Will we get to see Mark's hammer?


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