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Donald Trump is now president, and Joss Whedon is seriously pissed.

A self-professed "liberal American", Whedon has been incredibly active in campaigning against Trump in the lead-up to the election. He even ended his 19-month-long hiatus from Twitter to debut his latest project: Save The Day, a video campaign featuring an array of celebrities "dedicated to the idea that voting is a necessary and heroic act".

Back To His Old (Twitter) Tricks

Despite the incentive of a Mark Ruffalo nude scene, the campaign was not enough to prevent a Trump presidency. Never one to shy away from voicing his thoughts on social media, Whedon has been venting on Twitter— and things are getting intense.

Whedon is one of many Trump opposers who have been been collectively grieving his win on social media for days now, and has been rapidly cycling through dark humour and outrage in his Tweets.

He even made a brazen reference to the sexual assault case against Trump during the election:

Needless to say, the replies on that one are still pouring in.

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Here Come The Zombies

The 'Save The Day' videos weren't Whedon's first attempt at delivering political advice in a humorous fashion. In 2012, he featured in his own anti-Mitt Romney video, warning voters that the fallout from a Romney presidency would provide the "crucial elements in creating a nightmare zombie wasteland".

"He's not afraid to face a ravening, rasping hoard of sub-humans, because that's how he sees poor people already."

What The Hell Do We Do Now?

Of course, Mitt Romney didn't end up winning the 2012 election, and Obama— Whedon's preferred candidate— continued with another term in office. But this isn't 2012, and the Republicans are in control now. Luckily, Joss Whedon's got a suggestion:

So what does this mean for Whedon? Will he take another hiatus from Twitter? An -endorsed video campaign to take down Trump mid-presidency? Will he be directing The Human Centipede 4? At this point, anything is possible. But one thing's for certain: if anyone could use a hug from Nathon Fillion right now, it's Joss Whedon.


Do you think Joss Whedon's political Tweets have gone too far?

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