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A young woman unable to accept a full college scholarship. Another woman dying of cancer. A high school girl telling her boyfriend that she's contracted a sexually transmitted infection. These are the three serious situations depicted in Joss Whedon's new short film, Unlocked. The worst part? Every single one of them is preventable. But if Planned Parenthood health centers lose their government support, then these scenarios are going to become far more common.

made Unlocked in light of the news that Trump's new American Health Care Act would defund Planned Parenthood, making their services inaccessible to those unable to afford them — like the women in Unlocked.

Check it out for yourself:

Whedon is a long-time supporter of Planned Parenthood, having raised over $80,000 for them in 2015. While he's been incredibly outspoken against Trump in the past, his support of Planned Parenthood is motivated far more by the safety and wellbeing of American women than political preferences. As he told Buzzfeed whilst on set:

"Women's health care is so much just about women's humanity. It is about whether they have control over their bodies and whether they have control over their minds and their education and their decisions. It's all wrapped up."

Why Does Planned Parenthood Matter?

It's all too easy to suggest that if Americans don't want to get pregnant or catch an STI, they should simply use contraception or refrain from sex. But as simple science tells us, that's not realistic.

Even if people are able to get access to contraception and the appropriate sex education (usually thanks to places like Planned Parenthood), pregnancy and STIs can still occur — after all, the only way to completely safeguard from these things is abstinence.

But even that isn't a practical solution. People all over America have a multitude of beliefs, values and attitudes regarding sex, and not everyone is willing to practice abstinence. Not to mention the cases of pregnancies and STIs resulting from sexual assault.

Planned Parenthood doesn't just deal with matters related to sex and pregnancy, either. A shown in Whedon's film, they provide much-needed cancer screenings that save lives. Early detection is vital in treating cancer, and can mean the difference between life and death. Without services like Planned Parenthood, people may not have access to these screenings.

What's really ironic is that if Planned Parenthood's funding is cut, all the consequences that come with restricting access to these vital services are going to cost the government a lot more money than before. It really doesn't make sense on any level.

You can read more about Whedon's involvement with Planned Parenthood and show your support of here.

(Source: Buzzfeed)


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