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After news that the 's big ensemble piece could be in trouble with some major reshoots, Warner Bros. is obviously keen to play down the possibility of its expanded universe falling apart. Even Though is currently ruling the roost at the box office, Justice League arguably has an even bigger hill to climb by effectively putting all the eggs in one basket.

The world of cinemas was shocked to learn that was stepping away from Justice League over family tragedy, but relieved that The Avengers director would be dutifully taking over behind the camera. However, with the reshoots foreshadowing some big changes to production, we finally know what Whedon will be doing.

A New Path, Same Destination

No, it doesn't mean Whedon will suddenly be introducing a vampire-slaying heroine into the League, and nor will Nathan Fillion cameo. Speaking to Warner Bros. president Toby Emmerich, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed exactly what Whedon will be doing after taking over from Snyder:

“The directing is minimal, and it has to adhere to the style and tone and the template that Zack set. We're not introducing any new characters. It's the same characters in some new scenes. He's handing the baton to Joss, but the course has really been set by Zack.”

It goes some way to alleviate concerns, while Warner Bros. had also confirmed that the upcoming London reshoots were filed for by Snyder before his departure. Where we really will see Whedon come into his own will be in the editing process. Snyder's filmography has a very clear aesthetic and a particularly grim atmosphere, whereas Whedon is known for balancing darkness and comedy in equal measure. Thankfully, the Justice League trailer already represented a lighter tone to Snyder's work, so Whedon's comic timing should go hand in hand with it.

While Whedon's arrival is being met with largely positive views, we also need to remember that Snyder clearly trusted him enough to take on his legacy and vision for the League. Also, with crafting the first blockbusting Avengers film in 2012, at least he knows how to spin a box office behemoth with an ensemble cast of superheroes. Snyder may have left the film, but as it's his baby, expect him to be the first one to pass judgement before the film's release next year.

Hollywood needs to be wary though and remember the importance of Justice League, which will reportedly map out the rest of the DCEU slate. Whedon is also scheduled to bring Barbara Gordon to our screens with , and hopefully another female-first milestone that can capitalize on the success of Wonder Woman. Not to pile the pressure on Whedon's directorial skills, but all eyes are going to be on him when the cast of the Justice League and Superman return to our screens.

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(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)


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