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While rumors of comic book crossovers between Marvel, Fox, and Sony continue to circulate, it doesn't actually seem like we're much closer to getting the massive MCU bridge we've all been waiting for.

But today, geek God and The Avengers: Age Of Ultron director revealed that, like many fans, he'd love to see Spider-Man, the X-Men and the rest of Marvel's on-loan characters united into one mega-flick. When posed the question about whether or not he would like reponsibility of that task, the Wheed told CBR that:

You give me the parameters and I work with them. I have so many actors, I have so many characters to service that it’s not like I’m like, "Well this won’t work unless I have Spider-Man and Wolverine!" I’m just making my movie. Yeah, it’s cool to think about stuff like that and if we reached an era where those studios could cooperate on that level I think that would be super dope. Whenever you see somebody crossing over to something it gives it pop. Like Murder She Wrote and Magnum [P.I.] — great crossover. I got excited.

So, could we be seeing Spider-Man and Wolverine in the next Avengers assembly? It's definitely not a "no" from Whedon, but getting all the studios to pull together and relax ownership rights to certain characters would certainly be a challenge.

As exciting as it is to imagine a mega-superhero universe, I'm actually fine with separate universes for separate characters. It gives each character the room to do their thing. Would there really be a reason for Peter Parker to dress up in lycra if The Avengers AND X-Men were roaming around NYC? Probably not. If he did, he'd be chasing after shoplifters and jaywalkers. Perhaps these characters are more interesting when they're the main attraction.

There's also the problem of ill-matched universes. The X-Men world, for example, is a world where people are born with powers; powers which stir up societal racism and politics. Why would members of the united Marvel world love someone like Thor, but hate Wolverine?

Still, while it isn't looking like there's a strong chance of a crossover mega-flick happening anytime soon, we all know that movie studios are about making money and a superhero cash cow like this would surely do just that. It'd be pretty dumb for the studios not to at least entertain the idea, so watch this space!

Do you think a comic book crossover would be awesome, or should some Marvel Comic Universes be kept separate? Let me know what you think in the comment section below!



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