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With The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug hitting theaters in just over a month, it's time for more promotional goodies to start popping out, including the official track list for the soundtrack.

's upcoming to An Unexpected Journey became music to the ears of and the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, as they recorded the score for the second installment of the adaptation. You can listen to part of A Feast of Starlight now:

(via YouTube)

If you liked the sound of that, here's the official tracklist for you to ponder:

Disc One: The Quest for Erebor, Wilderland, The House of Beorn, Mirkwood, Flies and Spiders, The Woodland Realm, Feast of Starlight, Barrels Out of Bond, The Forest River, Bard, a Man of Lake-town, The High Fells, The Nature of Evil, Protector of the Common Folk. Disc two: Thrice Welcome, Girion, Lord of Dale, Durin's Folk, In the Shadow of the Mountain, A Spell of Concealment, On the Doorstep, The Courage of Hobbits, Inside Information, Kingsfoil, A Liar and a Thief, The Hunters, Smaug, My Armor Is Iron, I See Fire (performed by Ed Sheeran), Beyond the Forest

I'm looking forward to the score as much as I am the movie. Shore's score for An Unexpected Journey - like The Lord of the Rings before that - was like a character in the trilogy itself, and that main character carried the movies to a world to greatness.

The soundtrack is due for release on December 10 (you can preorder it here) with The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug set to fly into theaters on December 13, 2013.



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