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Jubilee occupies a special place in the affections of X-Men fans, so the news that she would be played by Lana Condor in X-Men: Apocalypse probably felt pretty triumphant... until the movie came out and Jubilee was relegated to about three cameo scenes. For fans of X-Men: The Animated Series, the wait for a Jubilee as awesome as the one they grew up with goes on.

Even by the standards of comic book superheroes, Jubilation Lee has a hilariously absurd back story: Born in Beverly Hills to wealthy Chinese immigrants, her life is pretty swell — until one weekend, her parents lose all of their money on a bad stock market investment. The very next day, the Lees are shot dead by two hit-men who (just to rub salt in the wound) had mistaken them for another couple on the same street, also named the Lees.

Art by TheCosmicBeholder on Deviantart
Art by TheCosmicBeholder on Deviantart

That would be enough to turn anyone insane, but Jubilee's meltdown is weirdly tame. She basically just becomes a mall rat, entertaining customers with her dubious mutation (the ability to create mini fireworks from the palms of her hands) until she's found in the mall by Rogue and Storm and goes off to join the X-Men. It's appropriate, then, that this X-Men: Apocalypse deleted scene finds Jubilee fulfilling her mall rat destiny during a trip out with Kurt, Scott and Jean Grey.

Check out the deleted scene in all of its retro glory below.

For more X-madness:

Although it doesn't quite fit the vibe of the movie, there's no denying this exquisitely '80s sequence is a winner, particularly in how much fun Nightcrawler has. Seeing his eyes pop at the vast array of sneakers in the store? We've all been there. It's also cool to see Jubilee get to use her powers, even if it also serves as a reminder that those powers are completely laughable. If anyone had to be left behind in the X-Mansion while the team squared off with Apocalypse, it's Jubilee.

Will we ever see Jubilation Lee given the chance to actually do something in an X-Men movie? Maybe. Until then, she'll be drinking ice shakes at the mall.

Will Jubilee ever be taken seriously on the big screen?


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