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After and his crew were hijacked in Captain Phillips, comes another suspenseful "ship-thriller", this time from Award winner Scottish director and starring .

Law plays an unemployed submarine captain and former British Navy man who puts together a crew of misfits and sails off to find some sunken treasure in the Black Sea.

These first look images show Jude Law with bars of gold. However, since it is a thriller with greedy men trapped together in a ship on the sea, it can be suspected that things will not go according to plan. But how will the crew overcome their desperation in this claustrophobic situation?

MacDonald was inspired by former ship crew dramas, like Run Silent, Run Deep (1958) and Das Boot (1981). Said Jude Law on Indiewire

They’re incredibly tense, exciting films because of the claustrophobia and the sense that you’re somewhere you shouldn’t be. Like in space, if something goes wrong, you’re dead.

Black Sea is still in production, it`s expected to "anchor" in cinemas in 2014.

(via Indiewire)


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