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Matt Carter

's new look for crime-comedy Dom Hemingway is staggering as the Side Effects star does away with the pretty-boy good looks, replaced instead by some glorious mutton chops, grotesque gold teeth and curious cockney accent. Law plays the titular ex-con safe cracker, who teams up with his best friend (). The two of them embark on a mission to collect the money that is owed to Hemmingway for his silence during his 12 years of incarceration, while he also tries to reconnect with his estranged daughter, played by (Game of Thrones).

Fox Searchlight is distributing the movie Stateside, which will make its bow at next month's TIFF. A couple of posters and a new image from the movie have made their way online, so give them a look and marvel and Law's excellent facial hair:

What do you think about Jude Law's new look?


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