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The 59-year-old actor Judge Reinhold, best known for roles in old classics such as Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Beverly Hills Cop and The Santa Claus, has been arrested following a clash with officials at Dallas Love Airport.

During a routine pat down, reportedly — according to the Dallas News Department tweet posted below — caused disturbance by repeatedly refusing to comply, and generally giving airport security a hard time. Other sources report that Reinhold took his top off and started cursing.

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Per The Mirror's report, during arrest Reinhold turned to the reporters and boasted:

“Thanks for the exposure, guys. Appreciate it. Glad you’re here.”

If the actor is found guilty of Disorderly Conduct, charges are likely to be in the region of $500 — which isn't such a big price to pay to get back in the headlines, eh Reinhold?

Updates to follow.

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(Source: The Mirror)


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