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There isn't a Star Wars fan quite like Josh Gad. Recently, the Beauty and the Beast actor has been ambushing star Daisy Ridley in her trailer with a constant barrage of Star Wars: The Last Jedi questions.

In the attempt to finally get the answers to the questions fans are dying to know, Gad recruited legendary actress Judi Dench to aid him his galactic quest.

Check out the video below as Jedi Master Judi Dench tries to Force out the answers from Ridley.

Of course Daisy Ridley didn't answer the questions on camera, but it seems like she was about to crack under the pressure. (You don't know the power of Jedi Judi!)

If this doesn't convince all of fandom that we need Judi Dench in the next Star Wars films, nothing will.

It looks like Josh Gad is going to have to pester another Episode VIII cast member if he wants any more spoilers and we hope he brings Dench with him.

Watch one of his earlier attempts in the below video.

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