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Another day and another Star Wars: Episode VII casting rumor. Seriously, the rumor mill must be working overtime to churn out all the speculation we've been receiving in recent weeks and months...

Today, we're hearing that none other than is apparently in the running to take on a returning Star Wars character.

According to Big Shiny Robot, a source has revealed the former James Bond star is up to play rebel leader Mon Mothma, a character who was last seen coordinating the assault on the second Death Star in Return of the Jedi.

As with all casting rumors, I hope you've got some salt handy, because you're going to have to take a huge pinch of it. However, this rumor does have some supporting evidence. El Mayimbe of the Latino Review also teased that one of this year's award hopefuls is up for a major role in Star Wars 7. He tweeted:

Of course, this tweet is hardly conclusive proof, as both and are both Oscar nominees who have also been rumored to appear in Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens.

Regardless, what do you think? Would you like to see Judi Dench playing Mon Mothma? Let us now below.

Source: TotalFilm (via Big Shiny Robot)


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