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While The Walking Dead may not always deliver in the ways we want it to, the show's incredibly loyal fanbase definitely does. Whether they're merely reacting to the jaw-dropping events of an episode, or pointing out the show's flaws (including continuity errors and bad GCI), we can always rely on the internet for a good laugh.

The hit series returned to screens this past week for it's eighth season and fans can't stop talking about Judith. Firstly, many viewers pointed out that the character seems to have rapidly aged since we last saw her, despite the fact there was no time jump between seasons of . Now, another fan has created this amusing GIF, using Judith's scene from the Season 8 premiere and the result is both hilarious and devastating. Check it out below:

During the season premiere, Rick exits his house at Alexandria to find his young daughter drawing on the pavement. He takes a look at her work and kisses her on the head before proceeding with his plan to invade the Sanctuary and take out Negan. It was a really nice scene.

However, with a little manipulation from a fan for the purpose of this GIF, Judith is more savage than your regular Walking Dead zombie, drawing "mommy," "daddy" and "me." I know what you're thinking: that doesn't sound too bad, right? Sure, but then the camera pans over to reveal "Rick," standing on his own with a frown on his face, clearly insinuating that Shane is Judith's father, not Rick. Ouch.

The identity of Judith's biological father was an ongoing debate among viewers for almost six years, until Rick finally gave us an answer last season. During a conversation with Michonne, the former sheriff told her:

"I know Judith isn't mine. I know it. I love her. She's my daughter but she isn't mine."

As the action continues on The Walking Dead, we're excited to see what the fans will come up with next. The villainous Negan will no doubt take the pain to Rick and his gang but he needs to be made aware of one thing: He's no longer the most savage character on The Walking Dead. After the creation of this GIF, that honor now goes to Judith.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9/c on AMC.

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