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10 Things I Hate About You legend Julia Stiles has just revealed she is pregnant with her first child while simultaneously making thousands of tail-end millennials feel old AF.

The 36-year-old star and her fiancé Preston J. Cook are expected to welcome their new arrival later this year, according to a statement issued to People magazine.

You can see a revert picture of cradling her bump alongside Nick Snaith of Magic FM in London below:

Stiles met her fiancé in 2015 while on the set of 2015’s Go with Me, while Stiles was playing Lillian, alongside Anthony Hopkins, and Cook was working as a camera assistant.

If you are here wondering what the hell Stiles has been up to since she enraptured audiences as bad-ass feminist icon Kat Stratford alongside Heath Ledger, she is currently working on a 10-episode thriller series named Riviera.

Stiles will star in the show as a millionaire widow whose husband has just dropped a very violent death in a yacht explosion. After his death, she comes face-to-face with his shady past and is forced to turn to violence to protect her family. Feast your eyes on the trailer below:

Send your messages of congratulations to Julia Stiles and Preston J. Cook below!

(Source: People)


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