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Julianna Baggott's novel, Pure, is the latest in a recent long line of young adult fiction to get a big screen adaption, with THR reporting that is in negotiations to write and direct the movie. In case the novel passed you by, here's the synopsis:

Pure is set in a post-apocalyptic world divided into two societies: the Pures, who live under a dome and are healthy and beautiful, and the Wretches, those scarred by the devastation. In this world, Pressia, a Wretch on the run, teams up with the Partridge, son of the leader of the Pures.

What follows is a story of survival, hope, and redemption as Pressia and Partrige risk their lives to try and find his mother, who he believes is still alive outside the dome.

Young adult fiction has been a lucrative source of material for Hollywood recently. The Twilight Saga is a billion dollar franchise, while the The Hunger Games gets a sequel later this year, when The Hunger Games: Catching Fire will light up theaters. With Pure being the first novel of a planned trilogy, and with the second installment, Fuse, due to hit bookstores February 19, could this be the next big thing to take Hollywood by storm?

Are you guys big fans of the book? Looking forward to seeing it get a big screen adaption? Who would you like to see play the roles of Pressia and Partridge? Drop a comment below.

Pure is estimated to hit theaters sometime in 2015, but if you [[follow]] the movie, you'll be the first to get any updates as soon as they land.


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