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You may think Julie Andrews is all sunshine and sweetness but you'd be very wrong in thinking so. Inside this musical nanny is a sassiness that erupts to hilarious effect and this wonderful attitude was first documented when the Mary Poppins star truly flipped the bird (in the politest way possible) to Jack Warner during her Golden Globe acceptance speech in 1965. If you don't know this wonderful story you're in for a treat, allow me to tell you why Julie dissed Jack Warner and how he truly deserved it.

Why Julie Andrews Gave Jack Warner The Middle Finger

Dame Julie Andrews began her career on Broadway starring as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. Her performance received critical acclaim and she was with the show for over a year and a half. So, when it was announced there was going to be a motion picture made of the musical, everyone including Julie thought she was a shoo-in for the lead role.

However, Jack Warner, the Warner Bros chief executive had other ideas. Due to the fact Julie was an unknown within the movies, Warner felt that she would be detrimental to the movie's success and therefore refused to cast Andrews, using Audrey Hepburn for the role instead. Andrews was of course heartbroken as she felt Eliza was very much her role. Although Julie was out of the running for Miss Doolittle, it seemed someone else had taken a shining to Julie's talents. That someone was none other than Walt Disney.

At the time, Disney was trying to put together a cast for his upcoming project, Mary Poppins. Well, we all know that he went on the cast Julie as the magical governess and it turned out to be Andrews' blessing. When it came to award season Hepburn and Andrews went head to head in the Best Actress categories, and of course you all know who won.

Julie pipped Audrey to the Golden Globe and the Oscar, but it was her Golden Globe speech that really gave Julie the final say on the Jack Warner matter. Watch the video below to see Mary Poppins sass Warner whilst remaining the fair lady she is:

Julie was eloquent and classy as always, thanking Jack Warner, but it was definitely a backhanded slap. Had Jack bothered to take the risk on Julie and cast her in the role that arguably should have been hers in the first place, she never would have been able to film Mary Poppins meaning she would never have won the award. Jokes on you Jack, Julie is just too fabulous!

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For your viewing pleasure we've also complied a list of other great award ceremony disses.

1. Kanye Just Being Kanye

When Taylor won Best Video at the VMAs in 2009 everyone was happy for her, everyone accept Kanye who took to the stage to show his disagreement right in the middle of Taylor's speech. We get it Kanye, you really love Beyonce. Fortunately Taylor was able to 'shake it off'.

2. What's Good? This Moment Between Nicki Minaj And Miley Cyrus At The VMAs 2015

Now we all remember when Nicki called Miley out live on stage for 'talking shit about her' in an interview. The two have an ongoing back and forth but it seemed that night they were unable to keep it between themselves. If Nicki ever looked at me like that I'd be so freaking scared!

3. Michael Moore Gets Political At The Oscars

Back in 2003, when documentary maker Michael Moore used his Oscar speech as a political statement, he lashed out at the dealings of former US President George W. Bush, an act that instantly divided the room, with a mixture of cheers and boos being heard. The band struck up in order to get Moore off the microphone and back to his seat.

4. Adele Vs The Brits

Adele swearing at the Brit Award producers echoed the way audiences watching felt. Her endearing speech for winning best album was cut off by James Corden to allow Blur to start their performance. Poor show, Brit Awards.

5. Chris Brown Certainly Isn't 'Loyal' To Frank Ocean At The Grammy

Due to an ongoing feud between Brown and Ocean, Chris took it upon himself to snub Ocean's Grammy win in 2013. When everyone else stood up applauding Frank, Chris just sat there looking like a bulldog who just swallowed a wasp. What an absolute bell-end!

6. Patti LuPone Waits Twenty Nine Years To Sass The Tonys

The world found out every quickly that you never interrupt a diva when she has the microphone. Patti LuPone yelling "Shut up, it's been twenty nine years" at the orchestra trying to play her off makes for a wonderful awards speech moment. Yaaaas Queen!

7. Julie Andrews Is At It Again, This Time At The Tonys

Here Andrews proved that a snub doesn't need to be tasteless, because after she was nominated for her Broadway performance in Victor/Victoria as the titular character, Julie took the time to thank the awards for the nomination but declined to accept as she felt the rest of the production was rudely overlooked. It's a shame because it would have made Julie a member of the illusive EGOT club. Nonetheless we respect her diplomatic decision.

As long as there are award ceremonies there will always be a chance for celebs to get one over on each other, whether it be bad-ass like Nicki, truly ridiculous like Kanye or effortlessly elegant like Julie. Keep your sass coming, it's my life force!

Did you think Mary Poppins could be so sassy?


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