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When Disney first announced it would be making a sequel to Mary Poppins, fans of the original 1964 film were less than pleased. The original film is still regarded as one of 's greatest accomplishments and won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance as the titular character. The film became an instant classic — how could Disney ever hope to replicate that?

However, our minds were put at ease when we learned that Emily Blunt would be playing the iconic nanny in . With award winners Lin-Manuel Miranda and Meryl Streep joining Blunt, not to mention original star Dick Van Dyke making a cameo, the sequel could prove to be as entertaining as the original. However, we've now learned that there will be one major snag: according to Entertainment Weekly, Julie Andrews will not be appearing in Mary Poppins Returns.

The film's director, Rob Marshall told Entertainment Weekly:

“Julie was incredibly gracious, and we talked about it in a very general way but she made it clear right up front. She said, ‘This is Emily’s show, and I really want it to be Emily’s show. I don’t want it to be, 'Oh, here comes that Mary Poppins.' I don’t want that. I really want her to take this and run with it, because she will be brilliant.’”

In addition to this, Marshall said that Andrews is delighted with Blunt being cast in the role of Poppins, saying that she is "one thousand percent" behind the sequel.

“Julie will always be, for me and for everybody, the most astonishing performance as Mary Poppins, winning the Oscar and bursting onto the scene so brilliantly. But Emily is the perfect person to carry the torch, and I know Julie feels the exact same way. She loves her.”

While it's incredibly admirable that Andrews doesn't want to run the risk of overshadowing Blunt by appearing in Mary Poppins Returns, we're pretty upset that we won't get to see the legendary actress make a cameo. After all, Andrews is the quintessential Mary Poppins that we all know and love, and seeing her in the film would've made the sequel even better.

Despite that, we're really excited for the movie and, as recent images would seem to suggest, Blunt is going to make a great Mary Poppins.

Would you like to have seen Julie Andrews make a cameo in Mary Poppins Returns? Tell us in the comment section below.

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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