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Despite a mixed response from fans regarding a reboot of the much-loved children's classic Jumanji, Dwanye Johnson and company began shooting the sequel in Hawaii this week. And, true to form, The Rock took to Instagram to reveal the character he'll be playing, a rugged explorer named 'Dr.Bravestone'.

Check out The Rock's reveal below:

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How Dr.Bravestone Could Fit Into The Story

As Johnson mentions, the concept art fails to capture the his wrestler physique ("[N]ot sure where my pecs went") but this slender version seems to be an intrepid explorer with an academic background. Much like Dr.Indiana Jones, it looks like Dr. Bravestone spends a lot more time working in the rain forest and the desert than he does in the classroom.

Check out Dwayne Johnson conquer the Amazon in The Rundown:

The story could potentially follow Dr.Bravestone as he is called upon to study the game as it's uncovered twenty years after it last wreaked havoc on the world. He looks like he's ready to delve into the heart of the game and figure out who masterminded the chaotic world. The big question mark surrounding the project is whether or not it will be centered around kids like the original or whether it will be more of an adult-oriented film. No young actors have been announced as of yet, so maybe Dr. Bravestone will be rescuing Kevin Hart's character - whatever that may be - instead?

Paying Homage To Robin Williams

Robin Williams under all that fur in the original 'Jumanji' / Tristar pictures
Robin Williams under all that fur in the original 'Jumanji' / Tristar pictures

It'll also be interesting to see how the reboot will refer to the original. Johnson has already paid tribute to Jumanji OG and its star Robin Williams on Instagram when he announced the production of the sequel. Much like Ghostbusters, this film holds a sacred place in people's childhood and Johnson wants to stay faithful to the source while updating it for today's generation:

Check out The Rock paying homage and introducing the project below:

Who knows how the new Jumanji will honor Williams' character? Maybe Jack Black will play his estranged son or perhaps they will merely mention him as a legend of the game. Either way, Williams has left some huge shoes to fill and audiences may not react kindly to Jack Black trying to imitate the comedy legend.

How Do You Think They Should Pay Respects To Robin Williams' Character?


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