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Yesterday, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson took to his hugely popular Instagram account to announce the latest member of the new Jumanji cast, star of Doctor Who Karen Gillan. The Rock ecstatically professed his admiration for the Scottish actress and described her as a girl with "Chutzpah. Guts, nerve and talent to stand her ground and hold her own."

Check out The Rock's ecstatic post:

In a previous post, Dwayne Johnson made it clear that this would be a sequel and not a reboot, and while there was some outrage (but not nearly to the extent of Ghostbusters) most trust that this will faithfully bring the same blend of thrills and comedy as the original, giving a whole new generation some decidedly funky nightmares.

Let's take a quick look at the cast so far and what they will bring to this new comedy adaptation.

1. Karen Gillan

Gillan can't believe it in 'Doctor Who' / BBC
Gillan can't believe it in 'Doctor Who' / BBC

The Scottish actress made a name for herself on the cult BBC show Doctor Who in which she played the companion to the 11th Doctor, played by Matt Smith. In his Instagram post announcing her casting, The Rock also applauds her for her role in Guardians of the Galaxy as Nebula, which involved her shaving her head. Gillan can do drama and comedy, and has the commitment to follow through with going full Homer Simpson.

Check Gillan out in ABC's Selfie:

See also:

2. Kevin Hart

Hart started as a stand-up comedian in Philadelphia and brought his manic energy to television before breaking through with a number of buddy comedies. He's been paired up with Ice Cube, Will Ferrell and even The Rock already to become one of the biggest names in comedy today.

Check out some of Hart's early stand-up below:

3. Jack Black

Jack Black as a luchadore in 'Nacho Libre' / Paramount
Jack Black as a luchadore in 'Nacho Libre' / Paramount

The comedy icon started in the music industry with the hilarious musical stylings of Tenacious D, but soon broke through with some amazing cameo roles in High Fidelity and Orange County. He was a go-to leading man for comedy in the early '00s and his unpredictable energy will be well-matched with Kevin Hart's.

Check out Jack Black in Tenacious D below:

4. Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas in the brooding 'Goat' / Paramount
Nick Jonas in the brooding 'Goat' / Paramount

Jonas turned to comedy after reaching global stardom as a child star with the group The Jonas Brothers. He learned the ways of comedy through Nickelodeon, then SNL and Night at the Museum, and has gone on to achieve critical acclaim for his role in Goat, which turned heads at Sundance.

Check out Nick Jonas's drop into SNL:

5. Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson saving the world in 'San Andreas' / Warner Bros.
Dwayne Johnson saving the world in 'San Andreas' / Warner Bros.

Arguably the greatest wrestler to grace the WWF ring, Dwayne Johnson hung up the belt to start pursuing a career in the movie business. After a rocky start with action movie flops, Johnson found strength in comedy films and became a successful producer with the Fast and Furious franchise, Ballers and San Andreas. Starting from humble beginnings, Johnson is now sitting at the top of the Forbes highest paid actors list.

See The Rock unleash a can of whoop-ass on SNL:

Are you looking forward to the Jumanji sequel?


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