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Pretty much everything we know about 's upcoming Jurassic World could fit into that modified Barbasol shaving cream can that Dennis Nedry used to smuggle dinosaur embryos.

But now, Trevorrow has tweeted this nifty little picture, which looks to be our first official image of Jurassic Park 4. Check it out:

In case you don't get what's going on here, Trevorrow has just dropped a massive piece of info about the movie - that it'll take place on Isla Nublar, the setting of the original 1993 box office smash. That's what I call a great teaser image. Doesn't give away any of the synopsis, but shows a majestic setting we're all pretty familiar with as Jurassic Park fans.

I tried telling myself that I didn't care about this one and that there would be no in the cast and blah blah blah... But one shot and a few rumors about Isla Nublar and I'm like a 7-year-old child again. You win, Jurassic Park. You win.

Jurassic Park 4 storms into theaters June 13th of next year. Can you wait?


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