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In the age we live in, fan-made renditions of popular movie scenes and characters have become quite commonplace among online communities. The latest fervor for memes has sparked more interest in artists reimagining classic movie characters, adding in a few slight differences in the final product.

The latest artist rendition to make the headlines is a clever mash-up between 1993's Jurassic Park and the '90s sitcom, Dinosaurs. Jen Lewis, the artist responsible for these awesome creations removed the dinosaurs from classic scenes in the first Jurassic Park movie, and replaced them with members of the Sinclair family — a family of anthropomorphic dinosaurs who were at the center of the Dinosaurs sitcom. Lewis posted her artistic renditions on Twitter a little under a week ago. Check them out:

After seeing Lewis's first batch of mash-ups, it'll be interesting to see what she comes up with next. Hopefully, she decides to develop more renditions of Jurassic Park scenes mashed up with characters from the Dinosaurs tv show. Mainly because there are tons of other scenes we'd want to see the Sinclair family invade.

What Other Jurassic Park Scenes Should Be Mashed Up With Dinosaurs Characters?

Although bleak, Muldoon's last scene in Jurassic Park would be hilarious to see mashed up. The scene began with Muldoon trying to hunt down the escaped raptors but ended with him becoming chow for the one who got the jump on him. And right before he died, Muldoon says "clever girl." The instant right before Muldoon gets chomped on would be a perfect background to drop Fran Sinclair from Dinosaurs in.

Several other scenes from Jurassic Park are equally worth being recreated with Dinosaurs characters in them. But let's not limit creativity to just the original Jurassic Park, If Lewis intends to create more works like these, she should definitely consider using Jurassic World or Jurassic Park 2 as backdrops for her mash-ups.

'Dinosaurs' [Credit: ABC]
'Dinosaurs' [Credit: ABC]

Hopes aside, until Lewis decides to pursue this artistic medium further, we'll have to wait and see what she comes up with. Fortunately, Lewis left us with one more fantastic mash-up that every fan of Jurassic Park and Dinosaurs can enjoy. Check it out below:

Which other scenes from Jurassic Park do you want to see mashed up with characters from the Dinosaurs tv show? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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