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It may have been an adventure 65 million years in the making, but now Universal is stampeding ahead with its Jurassic franchise. Picking up where left off in 2015, is picking up the reins for and riding atop a hungry T-Rex into the jaws of either glory or disaster.

After what seems like an eternity of new casting, returning actors, a possible new ending news — plus imagining Jeff Goldblum topless once more — we are finally breaking a few dinosaur eggs to make a giant sized omelette. No longer will we just have to refer to 2018's film as Jurassic World 2, since the production now has an official title and a dino-mite poster to go with it.

You Rexy Thing

Appearing on the official Jurassic World Twitter, the poster annoyingly reminds us that we have exactly 365 days to wait before we can practice our raptor roar in a packed theater of uber fans. In addition to the classic Jurassic T-Rex skeleton, the poster shows off a much more damaged version of the logo. Sporting cracks and apparently surrounded by fire, the poster suggests some serious dinosaur destruction is on its way.

You may remember that the film was originally working under the title of "Ancient Futures," but that has been swapped out for the altogether more ominous "Fallen Kingdom." In addition to getting an update on the naming situation, the poster gives us that all important nod to 's sassy and saucy return, using Dr. Ian Malcolm's "life finds a way" line from the 1993 original.

Clearly, nostalgia is high on Bayona's agenda by bringing back both Goldblum and B.D. Wong from 's classic; however, the film will have to move forward just as Jurassic World's soft reboot did in 2015. Also back for more are and , while James Cromwell is confirmed in a new role as Benjamin Lockwood — the original partner of John Hammond with yet more links to Jurassic Park.

Kingdom Come

As for the so-called "fallen kingdom," let the guessing commence now. It would be all too easy for the fallen kingdom to be the Isla Nublar island, which featured in the first and fourth films. So, with promises that we will be exploring new locations and the idea that the dinosaurs could finally find their way off island, the DNA that Wong's Henry Wu stole seems to be a major plot point of the film. Let's just hope that it is better than the last time a T-Rex made it to the mainland with that maligned car chase from the end of The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

If this is the case, the idea of a fallen kingdom could refer to a major city or populated area. We know some filming has been taking place in London, but hopefully the action won't follow Alex Kurtzman's The Mummy and take us on an appalling disaster film in the UK capital. Also, the dangers of bringing the carnivorous critters closer to modern society is that we end up with a monster flick where the dinosaurs aren't the main attraction, a'la 2014's Godzilla. Who knows where or what the fallen kingdom is, but it doesn't look good for Dr. Malcolm, Owen, or Claire.

To be honest, you could have dinosaurs turning up on the moon, but as long as it had the Jurassic moniker attached to it, people would still pay through the nose to see it. With so many people growing up with that iconic John Williams score and following the highs and lows of the franchise, here's hoping that Bayona can deliver another super-sized sequel that can stop the dinosaurs going extinct once more.

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