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Talk about digging up the past, it looks like the next Jurassic Park film could be time traveling back to 1993 for some inspiration. 2014's Jurassic World quite literally jumped the mosasaurus by starting what will reportedly be a "new" trilogy of Spielberg's nostalgic dig through paleontology. While JW director Colin Trevorrow won't return to direct the sequel, J.A. Bayona has taken the helm to promise an epic continuation of the franchise. The A Monster Calls director calls Jurassic World 2 (working title Ancient Features) both a sequel to Jurassic World, and what will work as Jurassic Park 5:

"What we're doing is a sequel to Jurassic World, but it's definitely the fifth chapter of a longer saga. It's very interesting. It's always tricky, but you need to find a balance in what people expect to find, and the new stuff you're bringing to the story. And I think the story is looking for a connection between Jurassic World and Jurassic Park -- more than what Jurassic World did."

Image: Universal Pictures
Image: Universal Pictures

No sh*t stegosaurus, but what does this mean moving forward? The fact that Bayona reaffirms that it is a fifth Jurassic Park film hopefully means that there will be even more ties to the original films, or possibly that elusive "original character" cameo. While Sam Neill has shot down any reprisal reports by saying that his character Dr. Alan Grant would be sick of dinosaurs, everyone else has remained coy on returning.

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Goldbluming Marvelous

Image: Universal Pictures
Image: Universal Pictures

Let's be honest, there is only one person we really want to return to the dino franchise: Jeff Goldblum's Ian Malcolm. With his bare naked chest, Malcolm was the unsung hero of the original film and de facto leader of the maligned second film. The upcoming Thor: Ragnarok will serve as mini-reunion for both Neill and Goldblum, but we demand that the smooth-talking lothario get his oily pecks back over to Universal Pictures and into Bayona's sequel. The first Jurassic World had some great nods to the original trilogy: featuring the long-lost visitor center, the night vision goggles, and the statue to the late John Hammond. However, we were half expecting a mid-credits cameo from the Blum himself.

Wu Are Ya?

Image: Universal Pictures
Image: Universal Pictures

One character definitely returning will be B.D. Wong's Dr. Wu. As the longest-standing member of the franchise, Wu first appeared in 1993's Jurassic Park, before rising through the ranks to return for Jurassic World. Fans of the film will know that Wu's ending was left ambiguously open as he flew off into the sunset with a chopper full of dino embryos. We can only assume that the villainous InGen corporation are still in operation and will rear their heads in the sequel:

"I think what this film does is it's the second chapter of the story that started in Jurassic World, and it's open to a third chapter too. It's very interesting in the way that we're approaching the story, and where we are leading the story. We're leading the story to a place that the audience is not expecting, and that's always exciting when you do a sequel."

It has been teased that Ancient Features will take the story out of the tried and tested formula of the theme park and into the larger world. Just as long as we steer clear of San Diego, and Tim and Lex don't come back, I would be happy!

Jurassic World 2 is tentatively scheduled to start filming in early 2017 with a June 2018 release date.

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