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Anyone who's seen any of the Fast and Furious franchise knows that blowing up and trashing cars is kind of what they're all about. From the sounds of things Fast & Furious 6 will be no different, in fact it might be the most automobile murdering movie ever.

The LA Times have compiled a lengthy article highlighting just how many cars were destroyed in the various stunts of 's fourth Fast and Furious movie.

No one is really sure, but around 300-400 cars were expected to be destroyed for a SINGLE sequence involving a rampaging tank. All told, the vehicle budget for Fast 6 is probably within the eight-figure mark.

Sure, Lin could have used CGI for much of the action, but as automobile specialist Dennis McCarthy explained of the director: "He likes to use as little CG as possible... That's always my goal with these movies: Keep the cars being the real deal."

Therefore, although the plot and action scenes might seem a little ridiculous, at least the actual destruction is faithfully realistic.

And it wasn't just innocent civilian cars that got crushed, each of the principle cast had to have several identical cars for their stunts. Practically ever jump or stunt was expected to ruin at least one specifically modified car. For example McCarthy recalled one particular stunt in which 's Ford Escort Mark 1 was required to jump the median of a highway. The first attempt didn't exactly go as planned, the stunt driver hit the ramp with too much speed, missed the landing spot, landed nose first and eventually totaled the car.

After bringing up the next car and making a few adjustments, the driver hit the ramp slower and made the landing, although as McCarthy explained, it left even that car "shaped like a banana".

The Ford Escort wasn't the only car to be thrown around and destroyed, 's 1969 Dodge Daytona also underwent a similar treatment. Stunt driver Ben Collins explained: "We definitely mistreated the poor thing".

But auto-mobile lovers out there shouldn't be too distraught at all this mechanical murder. For the rarer cars, such as Diesel's Daytona and Tyrese Gibson's custom 1969 Ford Mustang, close replicas were constructed from older and more plentiful models.

All-in-all this amount of vehicular slaughter will surely add up to one explosive action movie.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite car from the Fast and Furious franchise? Let me know about it below.


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