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The Justice League has battled pretty much any threat you can imagine throughout their almost 60 years of existence. They've faced mind-controlling starfish, two alien dictators, hyper-intelligent androids — the list goes on. Now, Earth's heroic protectors are facing their greatest challenge yet: their future children.

In last month's Justice League #26, a group of superpowered teenagers alleging to be the children of the Justice League traveled from the future to meet their parents. The storyline is only in its second issue, but it's already delivered a shockingly cruel revelation about Wonder Woman: She abandoned her son because of his gender.

An Uncomfortable Revelation

The characters seemed suspicious at first, but their identities were confirmed in this month's Justice League #27. With the mystery around the younglings resolved, the tried to bond with them. While Barry Allen, Jessica Cruz and Mera hit it off with their respective offsprings, it was a completely different situation for Wonder Woman and her son.

Diana approached her son, Hunter Prince –– who'd already shown disdain toward her in the previous issue –– and asked him what she'd done to him. In an outburst, Hunter made the heartbreaking revelation that she abandoned him when he was just a baby. Because of that, took him under his wing and raised him (hence the young man's tattered Superman cape).

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Fortunately, the comic book didn't leave us with the lingering question as to why that happened. The super-powered young man went on to drop an even harsher piece of information: Wonder Woman abandoned him because of his gender.

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Wow, that's... well, a lot to take in. I'm sure none of us ever expected Wonder Woman to do something as cruel as that. In fact, even Diana was blindsided by the revelation, as she was visibly shaken throughout the issue. But before we jump to any conclusions, it's important to ask:

Is There Any Truth To This?

There are two ways to look at this situation. First of all, the comic didn't make it clear whether Hunter has all the facts about why Diana parted ways with him. For all we know, the young man could be an unreliable narrator, especially because of the doubt in his last quote:

"Because I wasn't a girl, I suppose. Wasn't an Amazon."

's future version of herself is a complete mystery to us so far, but going by the Diana we've come to know, there's a chance she didn't actually leave him because of his gender. I'm just speculating, but she probably had a justifiable reason for doing it. Maybe she was trying to protect him from something. It's also worth pointing out that comic books are always episodic storytelling, so we don't ever get the big picture until a story arc is completely finished.

With that said, there's one pivotal moment in the comic that could validate Hunter's story. During their heated altercation, Hunter's emotions got the better of him and he got ahold of Diana's lasso of truth. While under its spell, the young man demanded his mother to corroborate his story. Diana refused to ask him anything, though, and simply responded she knew he was telling the truth.

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

We know Diana Prince to be an analytical individual. She's smart, she isn't fooled by others' blank statements, and that was evident in the panel where she admits Hunter was being honest. That moment showed us that, as painful a revelation as it was for her, her son was telling the truth.

Was This A Mistake Or Did It Give Diana Prince A Meaningful Moral Journey

Wonder Woman is one of the greatest fictional symbols of love and kindness, so some fans may be uncomfortable with this revelation. While it's completely understandable, that approach is also a rich mine of possibilities for a deeper psychological exploration of her as a character.

We know her as the invincible and infallible warrior, but who's the person underneath the armor, bracelets, and tiara? are at their best when we can relate to them, and people make mistakes. It would be interesting to get into her mindset and be able to understand what led her to that decision.

Keep in mind we don't have all the facts yet, but the hero supposedly abandoned him because men aren't welcome in Themyscira (and like I said, even Diana didn't doubt that was true), and that opens the door for one intriguing question: What convinced her to make such a harsh decision? Diana has been shown to enjoy taking liberties with the rules of Themyscira, so I'm curious to see how the Wonder Woman we know right now connects with her future self, one that would be so faithful to her land's old-fashioned practices that she would willingly prohibit her own son from entering.

[Credit: Warner Bros.]
[Credit: Warner Bros.]

Comics usually brush off cruel actions from popular heroes as mind control, dystopian futures or alternate Earths were everything went wrong, but I'd like this revelation to mean something. While I'm sure a storyline like that would raise its fair share of eyebrows, it promises a compelling exploration of a side we'd never seen of .

Hopefully we'll get some more answers on what's happening with our beloved hero when Justice League #28 hits stands on September 6, 2017.

What did you think about Diana's shocking revelation? What does that mean for her character? Let me know in the comments!


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