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A new trailer for Justice League Action suggests that the animated series will combine the energy of Cartoon Network's popular Justice League cartoon and the expansive lineup explored in the Unlimited follow up. Fan favorites such as Zatanna, Blue Beetle and Firestorm are all set to make an appearance, fighting the likes of Brainiac and Mark Hamill's Joker — but the promo focuses its attention almost solely on DC's Trinity.

See what we mean in the new trailer for Justice League Action below:

When combined with the first trailer from San Diego Comic Con that DC released earlier this year, the bias towards Batman becomes more prominent — even when compared to the likes of Superman and Wonder Woman, both of whom seem to have been drafted in to help the Caped Crusader.

It's been eight whole months since the Dark Knight starred in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, so naturally, Warner Bros. Animation felt it necessary to push Bruce Wayne to the fore once again in DC's latest venture, but was this the right move? Sure, Batman has been proven to draw in viewers before, but that doesn't mean Justice League Action should have followed this route yet again.

Should The Flash Be The Star Instead?

[Via Warner Bros. Animation]
[Via Warner Bros. Animation]

Thanks to the success of Grant Gustin's work on The CW, The Flash has now become one of DC's most popular heroes, even rivalling Batman in some respects. Pushing Barry Allen to the forefront of Justice League Action could have distinguished this new series from previous animated efforts, while capitalizing on the speedster's current popularity.

However, the issue here is that the Scarlet Speedster has always been portrayed as a joker of sorts in DC animation; the new trailer shows that this is set to continue. While The Flash would be a fun central figure for the new animated series, it's clear that this type of personality is better suited to a side role, as the Justice League would need to be united by a more focused leader.

[Via Warner Bros. Animation]
[Via Warner Bros. Animation]

What About Superman or Wonder Woman?

[Via Warner Bros. Animation]
[Via Warner Bros. Animation]

The only DC hero that arguably rivals Batman as an icon is Superman, the Last Son of Krypton, but is he interesting enough to lead the team on his own terms? However, Superman has been pushed to the fore almost as much as Batman, so similar arguments apply to his character too.

It would have been a far bolder move to focus on Wonder Woman instead. Despite being the prominent female superhero of all time, the Amazonian Princess is rarely seen in the spotlight, often playing second stringer to Batman and Superman. By positioning Diana as the centre of Justice League Action, this iconic character would finally receive the attention that she deserves, while also empowering younger female viewers in the process.

Does The Justice League Even Need A Leader?

[Via Warner Bros. Animation]
[Via Warner Bros. Animation]

As each episode of Justice League Action is only 11 minutes long, one could argue that using a leader of sorts could help provide a focus, enabling the show's writers to delve quicker into the action. But is this really necessary?

After all, the original Justice League cartoon maintained an impressive balance between the members of the team, switching focus between the Trinity and less famous heroes such as Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and Martian Manhunter to great effect.

Justice League Unlimited also proved that a leader isn't necessary, rotating a huge ensemble cast each episode, throwing in relative unknowns such as The Question and Captan Atom alongside the heavy hitters.

Check out the full length SCDD trailer for Justice League Action below:

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As Justice League Action won't even air until November 26 in the UK and December 16 in the US, this could all turn out to be a rather moot point. After all, there's always the possibility that these trailers have misled us, placing Batman front and centre in order to entice more viewers. Whether this new series follows through with what the trailers have promised or instead returns to Unlimited's approach, Justice League Action will hopefully turn out to be the superhero show we've all been waiting for.


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