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Marvel Studios head honcho certainly knows how to build a superhero movie dynasty. The studio's Phase One output was a textbook example of how to build audience awareness of their properties, before bringing them all together for a kick-ass ensemble movie in The Avengers.

So with DC also looking to move forward with their own superhero ensemble, Justice League Part One, Feige has offered some advice to studio Warner Bros. on how to approach the movie, saying to Collider:

I’m sure they have smart people over there who have a plan and know what they’re doing. Man of Steel looks like it’s going to be awesome and obviously Dark Knight is awesome. I don’t know. It’s what I say all the time and have said over the years, which is, have confidence in the characters, believe in the source material, don’t be afraid to stay true to all of the elements of the characters no matter how seemingly silly or crazy they are.

It would be easy now to highlight Feige's comment of "staying true to all the elements of the characters" before pointing an accusatory finger at the Mandarin in Iron Man 3, but I'll leave that for someone else to do.

The current thinking on Justice League is that the movie will get the green light if Man of Steel is a success (which it will be), with Warner Bros. supposedly wanting Zack Snyder to take the reigns and David S. Goyer to pen the script.

Feige also acknowledged that The Avengers superhero team-up template came from the Justice League comics:

I think there have been a lot of great DC stories and there are a lot of great DC characters, and if they focus on those things the audience will be interested. It was a very unique model that we were lucky enough to be able to do – introducing each individual hero before introducing The Avengers. That, to me, is what was always interesting about The Avengers. The Avengers are not The Guardians of the Galaxy, are not The Dirty Dozen, where you spend a movie introducing each character and putting them together for the first time. The Avengers was cool because they were preexisting characters that teamed up for a big event. I think that’s why Justice League was cool, Justice League was first. That’s what they did first in comic form.

It's nice to see Feige praising DC and Justice League and acknowledging the influence it had on Marvel. Now if DC and Warner Bros. can emulate the blueprint that has made Marvel Studios so successful, perhaps we could get the Justice League movie that we've been waiting so long for.

Are you confident that Warner Bros. know how to handle Justice League? Let me know your thought in the comments below?



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