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This November will bring the second live-action appearance of the King from (literally) down under, Aquaman. His existence in the DCEU has already been praised by fans, furthering the rapturous acclaim with his "surf board" riding scene in the Comic-Con trailer. Well, even with his brief appearances, we still don't know much about the hero, and could possibly have to wait for his solo film just like Wonder Woman.

The Amazon's movie showed her backstory as well as the DCEU's interpretation of the Greek mythology, mentioning Diana as the daughter of Zeus, King of the Gods and ruler of Olympus. Though her story is comic accurate, Zeus being the creator of man was not. So, what would that make the King of the Seven Seas? Could he and his fellow Atlanteans be Poseidon's creation in the DCEU? Or, could Arthur Curry be the actual son of Poseidon? Well, let's gear up and dive right in!

Poseidon Twice Gave Aquaman The Trident In The Comics

If Aquaman has the trident now that would mean he fought for his freedom in the Underworld, right? You see, there are a few comics that follow Aquaman to the depths of Hades's realm. The king somehow manages to persuade the god to free him and Poseidon after being stabbed by Triton, which caused his soul to travel there. Poseidon later kills his son Triton for deceiving him, and gives Aquaman the trident as gratitude.

There's another storyline that led into battle against an alternate world Atlantis. During the skirmish, he was given the Trident of Poseidon from Poseidon himself. The weapon made him nearly godlike. Not only that, it granted Arthur the ability to control the seas and oceans, as well as the rain, wind, storms, thunder, earthquakes and seismic activity. He had also acquired aqua-kinesis and could even fly and teleport. Now, tell me this doesn't sound a tad familiar.

Aquaman Used A Similar Power With The Trident

'Justice League' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Justice League' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

In the clips and trailers, Aquaman exits what appears to be an unstable tide in order to immobilize the activity with his trident. Prior to this particular scene in the Comic-Con trailer, the king was shown swimming towards a sculpted statue of an Atlantean. Possibly a statue of his father? Better yet, of Poseidon? Either way, the trident had to have come from someone with great power, and for Aquaman to have it now means he might've encountered Poseidon at some point before his death.

That Trident Could Be Poseidon's

'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

We shouldn't forget the historic event Hippotyla told Diana, as it depicted the gods through a fictionalized storybook atop Mount Olympus. During the montage, Poseidon is positioned front and center with the trident in hand. What's even better is that this may be the same weapon Aquaman now wields in Justice League, which leads back to him having an established connection with the subaqueous god like he does in the comics.

Wonder Woman Shows What Happened To The Trident

'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Wonder Woman' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

We were also able to catch the scene where Ares struck every god from the mountain. What's evident during the assault was Poseidon being slain from the top, losing his trident in the aftermath. Where the weapon ends up next is left unknown, though it most likely would have been obtained by early Atlanteans since Aquaman now carries the relic. This scenario would also indicate Aquaman never met Poseidon, unless he's a couple millenniums older than Diana, which would make him over 2,000 years old.

Why Is He Protecting A Mother Box?

'Justice League' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
'Justice League' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Two of the three Mother Boxes were set in Themyscira and Atlantis, guarded by the inhabitants of both. The New God Steppenwolf is shown to have obtained both objects, even encountering Aquaman and the Amazons along the incursions. Why the boxes were hidden in these locations, we don't fully know, though it begs the question: "Why do Greek gods have them in the first place?" Back in 2016, executive producer Charles Roven spoke briefly about it:

"Back before history, mankind, the Atlanteans before they were underwater, the Amazonians (sic), and actually the Old Gods, teamed together and decided that, based on an event that happened, these Mother Boxes were going to be placed in the care of as I said, the Amazonians (sic), mankind, and the Atlanteans,"

Roven went into details about the film, drawing on "an event that happened," while mentioning the Old Gods encountering the New in the past. Though their reasons for having three boxes is still up in the air, it could mean Zeus and Poseidon were making sure they were protected by their creations on Themyscira, Atlantis, and with the humans. This is a time before Atlanteans found shelter underwater, so it's possible Curry wasn't around at all.

Forwarding to the present (after the Old God's demise), Earth was left under Hippotyla's and Arthur's protection, making them responsible for all species — the Amazons, the humans and the Atlanteans — as well as the top-tier weaponry: The Godkiller (Wonder Woman) and the Trident of Poseidon.

To consider the King of the Seven Seas having a relationship with the God of the Sea isn't too farfetched, as he was important enough to be given the trident. The relationship, whether it's blood or not, is not the important aspect of Arthur's story. For all we know, he could be a direct descendant of the god in this universe, obtaining the trident with his title, or just the present king, given a relic that was once Poseidon's.

What do you think about Aquaman being a descendant of Poseidon? Do you think Atlanteans are Poseidon's own creation?


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