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According to some of the Easter eggs in Man of Steel, Wayne Industries already exists. So that means Batman will be involved in the Justice League Part One. Now as much as I love as Batman, he cannot be in Justice League, since I heard in a recent interview that he said he was finished as Batman. Also, The Dark Night realm that created does not fit in the Superman universe because powers do not exist in Nolan’s Batman realm. Finally Bale, as the Batman in The Dark Knight series, retired and left Gotham. With these facts, it's clearly impossible for The Dark Knight series to continue.

What does that leave us with? Now we need to look for a new Batman. In order to have a new Batman in the Justice League, a reboot is necessary. But the new Batman does not have to have a grand origin story, just simple flash backs explaining the man he becomes. In an interview, said he would like to see Batman introduced in a Superman/Batman movie.

I agree.

It makes sense. First of all, we have already seen plenty of Batman films with the origin story telling us how and why he becomes Batman. So if the movie is split between two major characters of the Justice League that takes place after and is a continuation of Man of Steel, it would not only help set up the Justice League movie, but it would also highlight the differences between Batman and Superman. This contrast would help show the development of Superman and Clark Kent and be able to grow Batman’s character in time for the Justice League movie without rushing through character relationships like Marvel’s The Avengers.

Personally, I would like to see portray Bruce Wayne. He has great dynamics as an actor, and I believe he would be able to hold his own next to Henry Cavill. For those unfamiliar with Matt, he is a British actor most commonly known for playing The Doctor in Doctor Who. I think he would be a great Bruce Wayne/Batman because The Doctor is a character who uses his intelligence to solve conflict, and Matt’s performance as the current Doctor is outstanding. He is quick, fast thinking, and brings a sense of badass to a usually quirky character. Matt is a the perfect choice for the new Batman.

My second choice would be . He has proved himself with the television show Arrow. Arrow is based on the comic book Green Arrow. His embodiment of the character is spot on, and he would prove to be a sensational casting choice for Batman.

Now focusing on Batman. I would like to see Bruce in his early thirties if not late twenties with flashbacks to his early childhood to teenage years to young adulthood. Why? Because Bruce Wayne is Batman’s alter ego. The Batman character and personality is Bruce Wayne’s true character while his Bruce Wayne billionaire playboy is Batman’s cover story, a facade (I hope I haven’t lost you with that). So flashback to his early childhood, his parents die of course, as with the classic Batman story, but the killer (lets call him "Jo") is attacked by bats due to disturbance from the gunshots leaving Bruce alive (which gives Bruce his Batman name). Next, "Jo" escapes from jail denying Bruce justice. Then the other flashbacks through Bruce’s life should show a troubled childhood, (this is where he learns how to fight) and without parents to set Bruce on the right course, he loses his way.

Another flashback shows Alfred trying to help Bruce behave, but there is only so much a butler can do for a him, and Bruce defies him. Then we see Bruce seeking out justice against his parents killer, (this is where he becomes a great detective) and he finds the man who kills his parents. Bruce confronts "Jo" and is ready to kill him but then "Jo" asks for forgiveness and Bruce falters. "Jo" takes advantage of this moment and attacks Bruce with a knife hurting him, BUT Bruce is able to wrestle "Jo" and kill him with the knife out of self-defense. And as Bruce is laying there with "Jo" dead next to him, there is a voiceover with Bruce, saying that all his pain, hatred, and rage died with "Jo"’s death, leaving him finally at peace.

This can start his vigilante career of usually leaving the bad guy tied up waiting for the police but sometimes dead or badly beaten, showing a Batman who is not afraid of a fight or “to do what is necessary.” These flashbacks can have Bruce explaining that as Batman he was able to show the world who he really was, about how alive he felt jumping from rooftops and tracking down criminals, how as the Batman his intellectual and physical strength was finally tested and pushed but when he took off his cape and put on a suit and became Bruce Wayne, he felt trapped and only pretended to be Bruce Wayne to keep up appearances.

Now when Superman and Batman meet they cannot like each other. Superman has to be appalled by Batman’s willingness to kill and Batman has to be angry with Superman for stopping him from killing. They cannot like each other because it would give the movie and storyline more dynamics than a movie where Superman and Batman become best friends and are exactly alike.

In this Superman/Batman movie. Superman should be investigating Gotham’s vigilante due to the murders by him. Superman should catch him and try to turn Batman in but be stopped by Lex Luther (another Easter egg from Man of Steel). Batman tells Superman that he can find Lex Luther in exchange for his freedom. Superman agrees but warns Batman of killing again.

From there, Batman wows Superman with his detective skills, finds Lex Luther and saves Superman’s life when Lex tries to kill Superman with Kryptonite (Lex found Kryptonite when Zod brought some particles back with him when he came to earth). This allows Superman to trust Batman but disagree with his methods. Allowing for disagreement and teamwork between the two about plans of action in further films like the Justice League. These dynamics would create an interesting relationship between the two heroes and bring about works for a great Justice League film. There would be power struggles, sides drawn with other members of the Justice League, and then a villain would force them to work together and it would not have to be as forced as it was in the Avengers. (No offense to The Avengers-I loved the movie).

So before a Justice League movie there should be a Superman/Batman movie that focuses on the relationship between the two heroes and ultimately introduces the new Batman. Matt Smith, I believe would embody this new Batman quite well.

Tell me what you think.

(P.S) Let’s all get together and bring Matt Smith to America to play our Caped Crusader.


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