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and is flooding the Internet with brand new teasers for every Justice League character this week in anticipation for the big trailer releasing on Saturday for the upcoming movie. On top of the five trailers we've gotten, they've also released the Justice League member's new and official character posters over the last few days.

The posters are great, as they give us an incredibly detailed, hi-res look at the costumes for the Justice League. Let's take a look!


[Credit: Warner Bros]
[Credit: Warner Bros]

The first character poster to drop was 's Aquaman. This is definitely the best look at the costume we have seen thus far as this is the first time Aquaman is seen in his full armor, which is something fans have been anticipating. The poster certainly highlights the changes to his costume, such as the lighter emerald green color with the golden details.

Right below the torso area, you are able to see Aquaman's logo being utilized as a belt buckle on the costume. Also, Arthur Curry's hair and beard look extra scraggly and his eyebrows are perfectly pointed. Let's not forget to mention how majestic Aquaman's eyes look. Finally, to go along with the costume, he is wielding his iconic trident, which fits the tone of the costume perfectly.

Personally, I am very fond of how 's costume in full armor has turned out. While it is a big step away from the comics, Aquaman's costume and character in general needed to change in order to fit into the theme of the DC Cinematic Universe. Warner Bros. certainly could have gone too dark, but the emerald green and gold costume really turned out to be a stunner.


[Credit: Warner Bros]
[Credit: Warner Bros]

Just like how Aquaman's costume is slightly improved, the same goes for 's costume in his character poster. While everything from pictures to the trailers have shown us one version of Batman's costume, this character poster is showcasing the new design changes and tweaks to the Dark Knight's costume.

Most noticeably, Batman's Bat-symbol featured on his chest has changed from a matte black (similar to the color of the cowl) to a shiny grey color. On this iteration of the costume, the gray symbol is very eye-popping (in a good way) and stands out much better than the matte black one. Also, his gauntlets are a lot less bulky now and the boots are a lot sleeker.

In general, every piece of the costume looks a bit darker and while it looks like a fan photoshopped the old costume, it will look a lot better on-screen. There has been a variety of little edits to 's Batman costume, but this one looks pretty damn amazing.

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The Flash

[Credit: Warner Bros]
[Credit: Warner Bros]

The next character poster is for none other than ! This poster definitely shares the same style as the previous two posters as we see Central City in the background (the home of Barry Allen), as opposed to Gotham City or the ocean. Also like the other posters, this is easily the best look we have received of the Scarlet Speedster's costume yet.

Now that we can see the costume in full lighting, I have to say I'm in favor of the shade of red the production team decided to use. It is a nice blend of the classic light red costume and the dark red tone you would expect from this universe. On the other hand, I get that they are trying to made the suit look "used" and unkempt, but the random line pattern on the suit doesn't look that great. Overall, the suit is very unique and we are still getting used to how it looks, but by the time Justice League rolls out, will be running with style as the Flash.

Wonder Woman

[Credit: Warner Bros]
[Credit: Warner Bros]

Next, we have the Wonder Woman character poster, which is probably the least exhilarating only because we have already seen a fair amount of 's iteration of Wonder Woman's costume with all of the promotion for the Wonder Woman movie, which is set to release on June 2nd.

Looking at the costume itself, it is certainly beautiful, even though the colors could have been a bit lighter. Warner Bros.' goal for the appearance of was to make her look like a tough warrior that would kick any of our asses in three seconds. Given that, I have to tip my hat to DC and Warner Bros. for this great costume.


[Credit: Warner Bros]
[Credit: Warner Bros]

I have to be honest, 's character poster is by far the weakest of them all. Between Aquaman, Batman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman's visually-stunning posters that blew us away, it is a no-brainier that Warner Bros decided to leave this one for last.

Cyborg's suit in the comics is one of the best ones out there as it is shiny, menacing, and strong. In this picture, we really get to see how bulky Victor Stone's suit really looks. The trouble is that his costume is mostly CGI thanks to all the robotics, and, with a lot of the same designs being pulled by the same FX companies, 's suit looks like a combination of a recycled version of Iron Man's Mark suits and various other pop culture robots. Justice League is still months away, which means Warner Bros has plenty of time to clean up this costume. With a touch-up here and there, Cyborg could look fantastic!

All Together Now

Of course, to tie it all up, Warner Bros. released the final official poster featuring all the characters together. Well, all except for , that is. Is it because they want to continue the illusion he's dead? That they want to keep the black suit a surprise? We'll never know.


Which character poster do you guys enjoy the most?

What do YOU guys think of the character posters? Which one looks the best? Discuss below!

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