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One of the most exciting aspects of live-action comic book adaptations is the costumes. There's just something special about seeing iconic suits evolve to fit a believable, real-world aesthetic. And aside from a few exceptions—ahem, looking at you, Batman & Robin and Warner Bros. certainly know how to make a superhero look great. Now we have a few new pictures to prove that once again.

Yahoo! revealed our first look at DC Collectibles' premium, screen-accurate 12-inch statues from , which give us our best and most detailed look yet at all the members of the beloved superhero team and their costumes (yes, even Superman):


's suit is the exact same one as it was in Batman v Superman.

Superman in 'BvS' [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Superman in 'BvS' [Credit: Warner Bros.]

What's so special about this statue is that - other than the group shot of the League together revealed during San Diego Comic-Con and some Lego sets - it's one of the few times Superman has been included in promotional material for the film.


I have to say, this armor is incredible and definitely worthy of a king.

The inspiration from 's comic book costume is evident, with the different shades of gold for the upper body and green for the lower.

Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

What's most impressive is how well the costume designers managed to blend the comic book style with a live-action aesthetic, making it feel like a real armor capable of withstanding blows from creatures from outer space.

The Flash

Out of all the Justice League members, is one we've been able to see the most, thanks to the TV series. However, this Barry Allen's suit is a lot more intricate than his TV counterpart, so it's great to finally have a detailed look at every single piece of his armor.

Something in particular that caught my attention is the lightning on his feet. You know what they say: "If you're a speedster, you better dress with style."


will obviously need some help in fighting an army of New Gods from outer space. And being the control-freak that we all know and love, he's crafted a new armor just for that.

[Credit: Warner Bros.]
[Credit: Warner Bros.]

Zack Snyder revealed this new armor last year (breakdown for it above), but this is our first complete look at it. It has a more simplistic and militaristic vibe than his Batman v Superman armor, which will definitely provide the Caped Crusader with some much needed agility for heavy combat...and for this:

Wonder Woman

's design is almost the same as in Batman v Superman and her solo movie. The only significant detail to point out is the fact that her boots have an open middle line; we haven't gotten a good look at her footwear as of yet so it's hard to tell if that was previously there—though it looks like it was:

Wonder Woman's boots [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Wonder Woman's boots [Credit: Warner Bros.]


In the comics, is a pretty big guy that you definitely don't want to mess with.

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

In Justice League though, his robotic body is much leaner, especially his legs and arms. Which makes me wonder: Will Cyborg evolve throughout the film? It's possible he starts out with a very simplistic anatomy and as the movie progresses, his body evolves and gets to his signature comic book size.

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If you're thinking about picking up these statues, they will be released in November to tie with the November 17th release of Justice League, and will be sold for $150.00 each.


What's your favorite Justice League costume?

[Source: Yahoo!]


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