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After Superman's solo flight in Man of Steel failed to impress critics, the was on a downhill slide until Wonder Woman graced the silver screen. Diana Prince's reinvigorating presence will attract fans to the theaters for Justice League — along with the promise of seeing our favorite DC heroes kick ass together — and Warner Bros. isn't slowing down on the promotional material ahead of its November release.

For starters, as a reply to the criticisms regarding the lack of color in DC films, Warner Bros. has presented fans with a slew of fun and eye-popping posters. In addition to that, as Zack Snyder had stated that he won't be doing press for Justice League, he has taken to Vero and helped in maintaining the hype with storyboards and behind-the-scenes images.

However, if all that hasn't convinced you to pre-book your ticket, this 30-second teaser will surely do the job:

The production house has successfully kept the plot of Justice League under the wraps and provided equal screen-time to the heroes and the villains. That's a huge improvement, because the advertising for Batman v. Superman featured a major spoiler (Doomsday) and the Suicide Squad trailer misrepresented the Joker's role in the movie.

Although this new short teaser mostly consists of previously seen sequences of Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman fighting Steppenwolf and his Parademons, it looks the editors have sneaked a few interesting details. So, let's break it down to get an idea of what we can expect while watching Justice League.

Mera Protects Atlantis From Steppenwolf And His Parademons

Mera creates an underwater current by clapping her hands.'Justice League' (Credit: Warner Bros.)
Mera creates an underwater current by clapping her hands.'Justice League' (Credit: Warner Bros.)

After showing up in an earlier trailer, this is the second time we're getting to see Mera (Amber Heard) in an action sequence in Atlantis. Considering how Steppenwolf has planned to conquer Earth under Darkseid's order, he'll be arriving at Atlantis to retrieve his prized Mother Box. However, it looks his task won't be easy as he'll have to face the wrath of the enormously powerful Queen Mera. Although she'll be seen extensively in James Wan's Aquaman, it will be exciting to see her briefly in Justice League as well.

Antiope Will Make An Appearance In 'Justice League'

Antiope slays a Parademon. 'Justice League' (Credit: Warner Bros.)
Antiope slays a Parademon. 'Justice League' (Credit: Warner Bros.)

Wonder Woman took fans to the wonderful island of Themyscira and introduced us to the charismatic Antiope, played by talented Robin Wright. Although her role was short-lived, as she perished protecting Diana, Wright left a lasting impression on viewers.

That's why when Connie Nielsen, who played Hippolyta, announced that Antiope will return for Justice League, she had fans excited and confused regarding the circumstances of the character's revival. However, this scene proves that instead of being resurrected, she'll be seen in a flashback fighting Parademons during Steppenwolf's first invasion.

Hippolyta In Distress During Steppenwolf's Invasion

'Justice League' (Credit: Warner Bros.)
'Justice League' (Credit: Warner Bros.)

As Steppenwolf will look to steal another Mother Box from Themyscira, it's probable that fans will get to see a lot of Amazonians in action, especially Hippolyta. Even though we aren't sure if this sequence is from the first or second Earth invasion, she definitely looks to be hurt and perplexed after being knocked down by either the Parademons or Steppenwolf. However, as Hippolyta is an adept and strong warrior, she'll surely dust herself off and show her enemies what Amazonians are made of.

Is That Zeus Or A Medieval Metahuman Taking On Steppenwolf?

Steppenwolf about to get zapped while invading Earth. 'Justice League' (Credit: Warner Bros.)
Steppenwolf about to get zapped while invading Earth. 'Justice League' (Credit: Warner Bros.)

As all the trailers have heavily featured Steppenwolf's attempts to take over Earth, it's evident that this scene is from the ax-wielding villain's first invasion. While it has been heavily emphasized that humans, Atlanteans and Amazonians united to defend Earth, it looks like even the gods descended from heaven to attack Steppenwolf. And judging by the electrical blast, that might be Zeus. On the other hand, if it's in fact a electric-based superhero living among humans, this detail will singlehandedly expand DCEU's history of Metahumans.

Batman's Tactical Suit Can Withstand Parademon Gun Blasts!

'Justice League' (Credit: Warner Bros.)
'Justice League' (Credit: Warner Bros.)

After debuting in last year's Batman v. Superman, Ben Affleck's Batman had already convinced nearly everyone that he is the best version of the Caped Crusader. However, that hasn't stopped the billionaire-turned-vigilante from flaunting abilities that will put his super-powered buddies to shame. While his last suit was damaged after suffering Superman's punches, it looks he has made some severe upgrades so that his new gear is not only light, but also capable of blocking alien gunshots. That's undoubtedly useful and awesome at the same time.

Despite being the umpteenth teaser for Justice League, it looks like the marketing team is hellbent in keeping up the secrecy regarding Superman's presence in the movie. Although the scope of Steppenwolf's attack will surely force him to come out of hibernation, if the movie ends up being as exciting as these trailers, his absence might end up being the least of the DC fandom's concerns.

Did you notice any other details in the latest Justice League teaser? Let me know in the comments.

(Source: Warner Bros. Youtube)


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