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At this point directors jumping ship from DC projects is a bit like when that hottie you've been seeing texts to say it's over — you knew it was coming, but you still hoped they might stick around to the bitter end. They never do, obviously.

Which brings us neatly to Justice League Dark.

The departure of director Doug Liman from the project (which has been going under the title Dark Universe and is in active development) was only announced yesterday, but already there's discussion about which candidate will be brought in to replace Liman in the driving seat — and one of the rumored names is guaranteed to have fans of horror movies, specifically Stephen King's It, pitching a tent.

Andrés Muschietti might not be a household name, but he's the man who appears to have done an epic job of bringing the It movie (out later this year) to life, if the brilliant trailers are any indication. Acting quickly, Warner Bros. are rumored to be eyeing Muschietti for Justice League Dark.

That would be a potentially genius move, considering It looks genuinely disturbing and taking Justice League Dark in a more psychological, horror-leaning direction which focuses on the darker side of the occult could really separate it both from Zack Snyder's movie and sanitized superhero films in general.

DC apparently have a shortlist, although no other names from that list have yet been revealed. When it comes to cinema with a touch of the gothic, Guillermo del Toro is always a good shout, and perhaps Adam Wingard (The Visit, Netflix's Death Note) could be a cool left-field choice. Presumably more names will start leaking in the near future, but I'd be happy with Muschietti, assuming It is as good as it looks.

James Wan is also best known for horror, but has done a complete genre swerve to direct Aquaman, which could well pay off, seeing as everything we know about Arthur Curry's first solo adventure sounds like a lot of fun. In short, have the luxury of taking their time and taking a risk with Justice League Dark — here's hoping their final choice is the right one, and the process of making the movie can accelerate.

Whether the film will still be titled Dark Universe is up in the air, considering Universal just gave that exact same name to their Monsters Universe, which begins with The Mummy next month. The regular Justice League movie hits theaters November 17, partially directed by Joss Whedon following Zack Snyder's exit.

Would the director of the It movie be a good choice for Justice League Dark, or would you hire somebody more high-profile?


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