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Director 's Man of Steel is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated movies this summer. The fact that it's getting solid reviews presumably means that we're lightyears beyond 's Superman Returns fiasco. This reboot is ambitious, mostly successful, and full of flare. Naturally, there's already talk of a sequel. More interesting the inevitable sequel talk, however, are Snyder's comments about a DC fanboy's dream - the Justice League Part One movie.

In speaking with Hero Complex, Snyder had this to say about Justice League hitting the big screen:

"Do the DC characters exist in the universe I created? The answer is yes," Snyder said. "In my mind, we have this fantastic character of Superman. It’s not madness that there would be others. Now, that being said, does a Justice League movie exist now? No," he continued. "Whether or not I ever get to make that movie, I don’t know."

I'm placing my bets and saying that this movie will happen. Whether DC decides to release standalone superhero features remains to be seen, but after Marvel's highly successful Avengers experiment, this is obviously a no brainer. Fans have been clamoring for the likes of Batman, Superman, Aquaman, and Wonder Women to team up for years. Now that the seeds have been planted (Thank you, Marvel!).

Snyder even finished his conversation with Hero Complex by saying this:

"What is real is that there’s a crack — a foot — in the door. That's promising," Snyder said. "The door is definitely open."

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