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The hype for Justice League is amping up after the first trailer united the League and sent the internet into overdrive. Dropping plenty of hints about absent friends, while setting up upcoming solo movies, the trailer was a snapshot of what we're hoping will be the 's first really fun film, blasting away criticisms of this movie universe as being just a bit too dark.

However, we've been fooled by trailers before (yes, I'm talking about Suicide Squad), so it's entirely possible that will be another hard slog through Zack Snyder's overdramatic angst and absolute dedication to the X-Pro Instagram filter.

It's heartening then, to hear overwhelmingly positive reports of the Justice League clips that were released at CinemaCon this week. io9 was on hand to deliver the good news, describing the scenes that seem to be a fun addition to the movie. Here's what you can look forward to.

Diana Outfoxes Bruce

Expanding on the dialogue we heard in the trailer, the first scene shown at the convention features Bruce working on his new Batplane — disappointingly called "The Flying Fox" — when Diana just casually breaks into his warehouse.

Bruce is working on the huge plane when Diana walks in. Bruce says that he spent a lot of money on security for this place and she replies that it was worth it, because it took her almost a minute to disable it. She asks what he’s working on and he says a prototype jet used to carry troops. He got it because he thinks there’s a battle coming. “Not coming, Bruce,” she says. “It’s already here.”

"He said no, didn't he?" "He said no." [Credit: Warner Bros.]
"He said no, didn't he?" "He said no." [Credit: Warner Bros.]

As we saw in the SDCC footage, Diana and Bruce seem to have developed quite a rapport, with an easy banter that will be enjoyable to watch onscreen. It's also nice to see that Diana's technical expertise has improved since Batman v Superman, when she couldn't work out how to delete original files from Lex Luthor's archive and instead just copied them onto a hard drive. Well, she is over a hundred years old. We should probably cut her some slack.

The Flash Lends A Hand

The League really come together (heh) in the battle sequences we caught a glimpse of in the trailer, and it seems the heroes have learnt to balance their skills effectively.

[There was] a slow motion shot of Wonder Woman falling down a shaft. She’s trying to catch a sword that is falling. The Flash sees this, runs up the wall and ever-so-slightly touches the tip of the sword, bouncing it back to her so she can grab it. Very cool stuff.

Cool girls don't look at explosions — Wonder Woman in 'Justice League'. [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Cool girls don't look at explosions — Wonder Woman in 'Justice League'. [Credit: Warner Bros.]

The sword in question is probably the God Killer, which we'll see Wonder Woman use in her debut film this year.

Geeking Out At The Batsignal

Flash takes the spotlight again in this little scene, as he proves just how much of an excitable nerd he is.

Next, Barry, Diana, and Bruce are standing outside in street clothes and the Batsignal comes into the sky. Barry freaks out. I don’t remember the exact phrasing but it was basically something like “Oh awesome, the Batsignal, that’s you!” He says it loudly though and realizes they are in public. “Oh shit, sorry, that means we have to go now, right?” “Yes, that’s what it means,” Bruce says.

Bruce persuades Barry to join the League. [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Bruce persuades Barry to join the League. [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Considering it was Barry's fan love of Batman that persuaded him to join the League, it makes sense that he would continue being totally psyched to work with his hero — one of my favorite moments in the trailer is the group shot, featuring Aquaman and Wonder Woman looking badass and stony-faced, while Flash is grinning ear to ear.

In their report, io9 said that Diana and Barry's characterization provided a great sense of "wonder and attitude" to the scenes, which is very promising — Justice League really seems to have hit the sweet spot when it comes to group dynamic, which will hopefully make it a (much-needed) fun addition to the franchise.

Tell us in the comments: What are you most excited to see in Justice League?

Badass af. [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Badass af. [Credit: Warner Bros.]

[Source: io9]


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