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The DCEU is bringing together the most iconic DC heroes this November in and the marketing is already in full swing. As always, fans look forward to the Funko line for every superhero movie, and new Justice League Funko POPs were just unveiled—and they even include Superman! Let's take a look at the newest POPs, which will be available for purchase on August 12th.

1. Wonder Woman

The first Funko POP revealed is . Even though you can choose between the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or Wonder Woman Funko POP versions, this one looks the best of all. The gold, blue and red colors shine bright and Diana certainly looks like she is ready to head into battle.

2. Superman

The Man of Steel has managed to stay mostly hidden from the marketing after his apparent death in Batman V Superman, but is back and looks better than ever. The costume looks definitely looks lighter than the previous version of the costume and because of the color change, the red and gold pops out (no pun intended) beautifully.

3. Batman

Next, we have a very intriguing look at 's tactical suit, which is probably our best look at the new costume yet. While a lot of people complained that the suit looks very similar to Nite Owl from Watchmen, I personally think that the suit looks pretty awesome. The metallic grey color blends in very nicely with the midnight black finish and this is definitely a Funko POP I would want to display on my shelf.

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4. The Flash

This might be my favorite out of the six Funko POP figures, despite his weird pose. looks visually-stunning with his vibrant red suit and his battle armor looks fantastic. The movie trailers have displayed a darker, more bulky suit, but we still don't know how it will look in the final film. Maybe this gives us a clue.

5. Cyborg

Cyborg looks shiny than ever in his Funko POP figure, but I still stand by my opinion. 's costume looks way too bulky and fake to the point where it's almost laughable. Apologies for being so negative, but at least Funko POP gets props for accuracy.

6. Aquaman

Last but certainly not least is - who I wish looked angrier, but I cannot complain. Arthur Curry's costume has a great color palette from the shiny gold to the emerald green and it transitioned fantastically into Funko POP form. Also, I cannot forget to mention how majestic his hair looks.


Which Justice League Funko POP are you picking up?

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