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The Justice League is set to assemble in the DCEU later this year. Not only is this the team's debut on the silver screen, it's also the live-action debut of Mera, the majestic Queen of Atlantis, portrayed by Amber Heard.

Mera has been underutilized in the comics for years, and is mainly portrayed as simply Aquaman's wife and sidekick. But thankfully, Justice League #24 is here to mend that.

The man behind Justice League #24 is Aquaman scribe Dan Abnett, and this issue ties into Aquaman #25. Arthur was overthrown as King of Atlantis, tearing him and Mera apart. Angered by the situation, Mera goes on an aquakinetic rampage — but can the take her on?

Taking Down The League One By One

When Cyborg discovers a threatening superstorm in Atlantis, the League embarks on a mission to end the madness. Batman sends his teammates to diminish the waves, but they're no match for Mera, the cause of the destruction. The team is stunned, as they were completely unaware of the power she possesses.

Mera tells them not to stop her, and explains that she is trying to break the barrier over Atlantis that is keeping her from Arthur. The new Atlantean king, Corum Rath, placed this barrier to keep out enemies. Mera was in Amnesty Bay at the time, and failed to reach Arthur before Atlantis was contained. The League tells Mera to calm down, which enrages her even more, and she proceeds to take down the entire League one by one.

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

She managed to remove the Green Lanterns' rings, dehydrate the Flash and choke Batman without showing an ounce of struggle. Even the team's heaviest hitters, Superman and Wonder Woman, were weakened by Mera's wrath.

Mera is known to have extreme power, but in a state of rage, she's much more dangerous. The start of Justice League #24 showcased her capabilities, but later on, we take a deeper dive into who Mera is and how she views herself.

An Introspective Look At Mera, The Outsider

After Batman was able to calm down Mera with a hypersonic screamer, the League discovers her innocence; she genuinely didn't know how much destruction she caused. Mera realizes lashing out was wrong, and her loneliness on the surface world saddens her. Superman and Wonder Woman assure her that the League can be a source of trust and support, as it was for Arthur.

They agree to bring Mera back to the Watchtower, but not just as another superhero — as a friend. Now feeling comfortable enough to vent, Mera shares a heartbreaking revelation about how she views her place in the world:

[Credit: DC Comics]
[Credit: DC Comics]

Not only does Mera believe she's an outsider, she also believes that without Arthur, she's not worth much as a person. This is an important moment for her character; it's rare to witness a deeper look at Mera's persona, let alone confess her inner struggles. Anyone who has ever felt like an outcast can relate to her in this particular moment.

The League continues to lend support, and tells Mera how the world itself brought his team together:

"We were all outsiders to begin with. This is where we came together. And that is what keeps us together."

Simon Baz interrupts the heart-to-heart to announce the team's next mission, and Batman suggests they bring Mera along for the journey. This marks the start of a new chapter for Mera, as the latest member of the Justice League.

DC Is Ready To Give Mera Well-Deserved Growth

Mera boasts extraordinary strength, both physical and mental. Adding her to the Justice League's roster shows that DC is ready to treat her as more than a wife or sidekick. This character growth for Mera in the comics is perfectly aligned with her upcoming appearances in the . Justice League will feature a brief on-screen appearance from Mera, but 2018's will place her in a central role.

Whether you're into comics, movies or both, it's time to get to know Mera — you're going to see her everywhere in the coming years. Justice League #24 manifested Mera's ability to stand strong on her own, giving her the rebirth she deserves.

Justice League #24 is available at a comic store near you.

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