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With Justice League being one of this year's most highly-anticipated releases, it's no surprise that we've seen an abundance of promotional material for the film — including a heap of posters. And in those posters, we've seen Justice League members Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and the Flash give us their best epic poses as they stand before the triumphant sunlight. But I guarantee you that we've never seen them in this light before.

Night Fury artwork have posted a new piece of fanart on social media which reimagines the poster with the male members of the Justice League. Feast your eyes on the magnificence below:

In the hilariously well-manipulated piece of artwork, Batman takes center stage as his head has been morphed with Channing Tatum's body, while Superman's mashup with Joe Maganiello's physique is possibly the most sassiest thing we've ever seen. Moreover, it's hard to figure out where Aquaman ends and Kevin Nash begins in their mashup (thanks to the long hair) while the Flash is busy rocking out on Adam Rodriguez's body. But arguably the most hilarious thing about the poster is the introduction of Green Lantern, with the character's iconic green mask placed over Matt Bomer's face.

Justice League Fanart Frenzy

As Justice League marks the first time that DC's greatest come together on the big screen, it's understandable that fans are incredibly excited. And a lot of those fans have channelled their excitement into fanart. With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the best Justice League-inspired fanart, including some more hilarious crossovers:

Another piece from Night Fury, this fanart imagines what it would be like if the CW's Girl Of Steel, Supergirl, crossed over with the Justive League. Something tells me that actress Melissa Benoist would be right at home with her big screen counterparts.

This awesome artwork took the clip of Batman jumping against the red sky from the SDCC Justice League trailer and turned it into a sick emblematic logo.

This creative piece has recreated the cover of comic book Justice League Issue 26 using the DCEU iterations of the characters, with Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman.

This fan-made poster features the terrifying Steppenwolf looming over the Justice League, accompanied by his bone-chilling quote from the SDCC trailer.

This creative animated poster has recreated the SDCC Justice League poster using various iterations of the Joker instead of superheroes. Among then, we see convincing illustrations of Cesaro Romero's 1966 Joker, Jack Nicholson's 1989 version, Jared Leto's DCEU iteration and Heath Ledger's iconic portrayal, as they all surround the legendary Animated Series version (who was voiced by Mark Hammill).

The above fanart looks at what would happen if Justice League took a dark turn like the comic book arc "Blackest Night," featuring zombified versions of our favorite superheroes.

Another genius crossover from Night Fury, this artwork gives us an idea of what it would look like if Aquaman hung out with the Hobbits. He looks right at home!

The Magic Mike-inspired fanart may have made us all laugh out loud, but it also reminded us how fans' excitement for Justice League can inspire their creativity. All you have to do is look at the fanart above to realize just how talented DCEU fans are. Whether you're looking for a hilarious mashup, or an epic triumphant poster, you can guarantee that the world of fanart has something for everyone.

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