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Debuting to rave reviews and a stellar box office reception, Wonder Woman is the DCEU's least controversial, biggest critical success. With that in mind, many people are speculating that Justice League's "substantial reshoots" are in part increasing Diana's role in the story — and now we might know exactly what these new scenes will include.

Leaked set photos have surfaced, seeming to depict a German World War I fighter plane, the likes of which we saw in the WWI-set Wonder Woman. (The top row of images in this Tweet are set pictures, the full shots of the planes are stock photos used for example.)

In Wonder Woman, US Air Force spy Steve Trevor commandeered one of these planes before he crashed on Themiscyra, and several others were shown throughout the movie. The appearance of such a plane on the Justice League set is very telling, seeming to imply a flashback scene to the events of , as we catch another glimpse of Diana's time in WWI.

However, this isn't the only reason the plane might be there. Considering Wonder Woman covered pretty much everything Diana did in WWI, it would be difficult to find any story for a flashback scene to explore. It could be that this is either a memory or dream sequence on the part of Diana. Otherwise, the sequence might reveal that Diana missed some kind of vital intel while storming through enemy lines — perhaps the Germans were also transporting a Mother Box?

Or maybe this scene is taken from Diana's return to modern day Themiscyra — Steve's plane crashed, after all, and it would be very poignant to see her standing by the relic, washed up on the beach, one of the few remnants of her time with Steve. Justice League would add a lot of depth to its story by including Diana's return to Themiscyra decades later. And who knows, maybe she's there to recruit the Amazons in the fight against Darkseid? We caught a glimpse of them in the trailer, meaning they've either fought him in the past or they'll team up with the League in present day.

It's worth noting that another movie — Disney's Dumbo — was also shooting on the same set. However, the live action Dumbo is highly unlikely to feature WWI German fighter planes. We don't yet know the era setting for Dumbo, but if it's going to be a period piece it'll be set in 1941, which is when the original animated film was released. Obviously, this was during WWII, not WWI. In any case, the likelihood of the naive little circus animal making his way to to a warzone is extremely slim.

So it seems that the Justice League reshoots will include this plane, though it's very difficult to guess how exactly it'll be used. Personally, I'm hoping for Diana wistfully gazing on Steve's wrecked plane on the beaches of Themiscyra, because I really love being punched in the heart by all the feels.

Tell us in the comments: Why do you think the Justice League reshoots include a German fighter plane from WWI?


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