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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope, it's an evil Superman zombie zooming toward us. With the Metropolis Marvel officially "deceased" in the DCEU, no one was ever buying the assumption that our flying favorite wouldn't be popping up in and 's upcoming .

"Unite the Five" doesn't quite have the same ring to it, and it you don't need the brainpower of Brainiac to figure out that Clark Kent will be sticking on those specs at some time during the movie's runtime. However, while there are still huge questions on just how the Man of Steel will rise again, there is a dark new theory doing the rounds. So, when sticks on the suit again, will it be for an even darker portrayal of Superman to fit with the macabre world of the DCEU?

I Need A Hero

While DC comic books have gone over the old "evil Superman" thing more times than Clark has wiped Lois's memory, Snyder and co. could be introducing a dark subplot into Justice League to appease fans. has laid the groundwork for how Bizarro Superman could be the man that we dig up in time for November 17. It is highly unlikely that Justice League would give us a direct adaptation of the Bizarro who has become his own entity since 1958, but the DCEU could easily turn "our" version of the Last Son of Krypton into a warped creature of evil.

Notably, Justice League composer Danny Elfman has already revealed that he is giving a dark twist to John Williams's classic Superman theme, suggesting that something ain't quite right with Super:

"I’m using it in an actually very dark way, in a dark moment... It’s a moment where we’re really not sure whose side he’s on.”

Death is sure to change anyone, and if Superman isn't sure which side he is on, it could come shortly after he has risen from the grave.

Also, let's remember back to arguably the best part of Snyder's Batman vs. Superman, with that apocalyptic future in the "Knightmare" sequence. While Camo Bruce took on a horde of Parademons, the mid-movie interlude introduced us to an evil version of Kal-El, who wasted no time in decapitating the Caped Crusader. Future Flash did some more timeline f*ckery and travelled back to warn Bruce that Lois Lane was the "key" to stopping this grim fate for mankind. At some point, the will have to revisit this form of future, and while it could be years down the line, why not now?

Death Is Only The Beginning

This all neatly leads into a theory about the climax of BvS. If you remember the dirt rising from Superman's coffin, some guess that this was due to a Mother Box portal whisking Kal-El away. Hold on to your butts, because the theory poses that the body of Superman was being transported to Darkseid's home on Apokolips, and that the DC Big Bad will become Dr. Frankenstein to craft his very own Bizarro Man of Steel. If this is the case, Justice League would see a malevolent Clark return to Earth and become the de facto villain of the piece, only to be saved by Amy Adams's baby-faced Lane.

So, where does this leave us? Well, the site neatly rounds it all off with one of the most perplexing scenes from the Justice League trailers. Remember when Jeremy Irons's Alfred is seen talking to a mysterious stranger? One of the biggest questions from the promos is "Who is this person?", with most settling on the side that it is Superman. Alfred somberly states, "He said you'd come," proving that the Dark Knight had foreshadowed this person's arrival. Imagine that we have spent half the film battling Bizarro Superman, only for him to be saved by Lois, and the "super" Superman returns to save the day at the climax — think of him as this film's version of Wonder Woman in BvS.

It is obviously all a load of hearsay, but talk about a bold direction to take the film and a wild attempt to redeem the DCEU. However, in among Steppenwolf, Mother Boxes, a trip to Atlantis, and the possible arrival of Green Lantern, is there enough room for a Bizarro Superman plot? The DCEU is often criticized for its particularly dark tone compared to the veritable candy floss and rainbows of the MCU, but with Snyder known for his stereotypically bleak take on movies, it isn't completely out of the question that Superman could be embracing his mean streak later this year. Only time will tell, but there is a convincing case for it being back to black for the Man of Steel.

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