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As we get closer and closer to the impending release day, November 16, 2017; it seems very likely that the upcoming Zack Snyder film will in fact be based on the Geoff Johns comic Justice League: Origin.

The New-52 comic was first released in 2011 and chronicled the events that led to the formation of the Justice League. The comic series was adapted into a full length animated film titled Justice League: War ,which was released in 2014 and featured the voices Jason O'Mara, Shemar Moore and Christopher Gorham, among others. The film included the likes of , , , , , and in the main group. And with Geoff Johns being DC's new Chief Creative Officer, it wouldn't be too big of a stretch for him to want to adapt this comic to the big screen, with a few alterations of course.

So, how is Justice League similar to it's comic book counterpart? Well, there are some very obvious, glaring similarities.

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Out of Our League

Strangely enough, all the characters in the animated version of the comic, Justice League: War, have already received orders for their own upcoming movies, right down to lesser known characters like . Since Shazam is rarely in the main JL group, it could mean that the upcoming Justice League film could be the set up for the upcoming Shazam film in 2019. Who knows, maybe we could we can even expect to see a cameo from the hero between the credits.

Civil Unrest

Like Snyder's , the comic also featured themes of growing distrust among the people directed towards . Of course by the end of the series the people had grown to like the heroes and realized that they meant no harm. Still this seems like a direct nod to the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and could easily connect the two films very well, if this part of the comic ends up on screen.

Lex Luthor's Hint

Lex Luthor made it pretty clear (the tick-tock sounds he made is a classic Darksied related tune) that was going to be the main foe for the League. And while Snyder and co. want us to think that they've given the role of the Big Bad to Steppenwolf, all the signs point to Dareksied being the villain. Even Kevin Smith recently said:

"I call bullsh*t, I think Steppenwolf is a villain of this piece, but I think we're getting Darkseid, and I think that they've been keeping it from us, like the same way we didn't know we were getting Doomsday...I think Darkseid is in this!

And with Steppenwolf confirmed to appear in the film after his brief appearance in a deleted Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice scene, the movie is looking more and more like the comic. What's going to be interesting though is how the film uses it to separate him from your average boring CGI villain.

We already caught a glimpse of Darkied's followers (Parademons) in a dream sequence in BvS. And they too look quite identical to those we saw in the comic and animated film.

The Flash

To any comic book or TV series fan, it's pretty clear that the Flash time travels to meet in Batman vs Superman. While it's never fully stated and Bruce considers it a dream, fans of the Flash know that he did in fact travel back in time to tell Batman to keep an eye on Lois Lane as "she is the key".

Why is Lois Lane the "Key"?

Evil Supes
Evil Supes

In the final chapters of the comic and also in the animated film, becomes "evil" after he's brainwashed by Darksied. has to convince him to see his humanity. In the movie version this could mean that Batman would need Lois Lane as she is the only one who can help him find himself again. The evil story is something we know is going to happen and thus fits right in. We're even given a glimpse into what could happen if he did become evil.

Although many think that this could be the start of the comic book storyline, pulling that off would require a multitude of characters that haven't been introduced to the audience. The Injustice storyline was a massive one with villains and heroes taking different sides and many even losing their life at the hand of Superman. To pull that off would require tons of characters that we should already be familiar with. Thus it's more probable that the evil Superman storyline will start and end in this movie alone and won't go into Injustice territory at all. Also it would make sense if Darksied wakes Superman up to use the Kryptonian's powers to take over the world.

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Aquaman & The Throne of Atlantis

The movie that followed Justice League: War was 2015's Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, a film that dealt with and his rise to power and was based on his arc in the Origin series. And since the next movie slated for release after Justice League is Aquaman, this just further proves why the folks at might be considering adapting Justice League: Origin, whilst turning to the animated film for inspiration.

The Cyborg Scene

Anyone who examines these two clips I've put here will be amazed at the similarities between the Justice League War scene and the Batman vs. Superman scene that showed Cyborg's transformation. Who knows, maybe they used this scene as an inspiration when shooting the live action one.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern Armie Hammer fan art
Green Lantern Armie Hammer fan art

One major attraction of the animated film was 's budding camaraderie with the Flash, and with news that Armie Hammer is being considered for the role of Green Lantern, we may see it come to life. The JL: Origins version of the Green Lantern is a very fun and quirky guy, and using him as a source of comic relief won't only make fans forget about the previous Green Lantern: The Movie failure but also shed some much needed light on an otherwise very gloomy DC universe.

What DO We Know Is Happening In the Justice League?

Well, not much. Like the movie has kept most of its story and details under wrap. All we know for certain is that Batman and Wonder Woman are going to be out recruiting the team which is going to comprise of Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg with Batman and Wonder Woman. Of course, this means that Supes is going to take time in joining the team, as there's the whole getting back from the dead thing. With the backlash that Suicide Squad and Batman vs Superman received, it wouldn't be too big of a stretch to see the folks at use a source story for their film rather than come up with an original concept, as both their previous ventures resulted in them getting criticism for their poor plots. Let's see how many of our theories get proven right when Justice League hits theaters, November 16 2017.

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